Best Watches in Nigeria on Jiji!

For someone expensive wrist watch is considered as a symbol of status, for others – it is a key accessory to fulfill their image, someone buys a watch because he respects precise machinery and appreciates the ultra-modern features of a watch model of a particular brand.

But either way, a quality wristwatch is a valuable thing, which is always an excellent investment.

You can buy watches in Nigeria in every store you like, but we got some special offers for those, who appreciate reasonable deals!

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1. Rolex

When manufacturing its watches, Rolex uses 904 l steel grade, that is more expensive, that’s why Rolex watches have a much better resistance to corrosion and a more presentable look. This is just one of many reasons why Rolex watch price in Nigeria is rather high.

Besides, Rolex uses the best polishes and it provides a more luxurious appearance.

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2. Swatch

You know that this is Swatch just when you see it. There’s something that makes these watches different. What can it be? The design, the colors, the materials…

Swatch is more than watches – it is an attitude, an approach to your life, a way of thinking!

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3. Police

Police is a unique, peculiar, even “rebellious» watches. The company works only with proven workshops: Japanese «Miyota», «Seiko» and swiss «Ronda».

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4. Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe Watches emphasize human individuality, sense of aristocratic style, and very fine taste. A long time ago, great monarchs and presidents were the admirers of these authentic wristwatches.

You won’t find the lowest Patek Philippe price in Nigeria – original watches are quite expensive… But you can make a very reasonable bargain – buy Patek Philippe from real sellers on Jiji!

5. Hublot

What is Hublot watch? An avant-garde and classic, luxury and endless creative experiment – it’s hard to name one stylistic niche in which the Hublot watches collection would be thoroughly settled!

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6. Invicta

Invicta watches design is unique: these watches are massive, have a bright, provocative style, they attract attention and look much more expensive than they really cost!

You can find Invicta watches in Nigeria for a different price, little more or less, but be sure to check out the best offers from Nigeria’s real sellers and buy Invicta watches much cheaper!

7. Fossil

Strict and very aesthetic, Fossil watches demonstrate the true sophistication and status of their owner. Their appearance is able to blend in with the details of your wardrobe, logically emphasizing them.

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8. Michael Kors

The brand concept combines Swiss traditions of quality and the latest trends in American watches fashion. Michael Kors has created a unique style of harmonizing opposites!

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michael kors watches

9. Smart watches

5 years ago, smart watches seemed something fantastic. Today, you have a can real modern communication tool on your wrist for only $30-40. And a set of its functions can be truly amazing!

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