Natural Hair Twist: Trendy Styles & Detailed How To’s

Natural hair twist styles have been trendy almost forever. In the beginning of 2000’s natural hair twist have turned to mainstream, and became a fashion style used by many celebrities and even little kids.

Now simple twist styles evolved to more complex and creative fashion styles that are extremely popular: you can see a huge variety of these styles in different lengths, сolors and types.

Let’s take a close look at latest gorgeous twist hairstyles for natural hair and find out how to twist natural hair to make it curly!

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1. Twist braids: intro

Twisting braids have always been very popular. Once a person learns how to twist natural hair, it becomes a convenient hairstyle and does not require regular styling. Braids have become practical, diverse, and effective and, of course, stylish solution nearly for everyone.

Twists are just one of the varieties of African braids. They are optimal for styling natural hair of different length: there are many of very creative twist styles for short hair, for medium or long hair.

African twists are not very difficult to create. If you learn how to do it, you can weave them very quickly and easily on natural hair. The particular hairstyle always consist of different twisted hair strands. If you want to create an astonishing hairdo, you can treat twist hair thermally and chemically.

Just imagine: the quantity of twists in one hairstyle can reach up to 300 pieces!

2. Hair twist types

There are many different types of hair twist styles. The most favorite types are Kinky, Havana & Senegalese. The first two styles have larger twists than Senegalese twist styles.

Usually, to create a hairstyle people use Marley artificial hair and you can create amazing twist hairstyles with extensions. When it comes to Senegalese twists, there are lots of easy twist hairstyles for natural hair that you can make with your hair only – if its long enough.

The real challenge appear when it comes to style short natural hair to make it look decent. But you should not worry: there are many amazing stylish short natural hair twist hairdos!

3. Easy twist hairstyles for natural hair

4. Twist hairstyles for short natural hair

If you’re looking for latest trendy twist styles for short natural hair, here are several cool ideas that may come in handy!

  • Ferocious curls;

  • Flat twist with a twistout;

  • Upturned natural cornrows;

  • A hairscarf twist hairstyle;

  • Common fauxhawk & temple undercut;

  • Curly twist sides;

  • Curly pixie;

  • Sass for natural hair;

  • Tight & tiny curls;

  • Common bangy updo.

5. How to do a twist out on short natural hair

When you think of how to twist short natural hair, you have different options to achieve your aim:

  • Updos for hair protection.

  • Cool Twists.

  • Playful Puffs.

  • Mohawks or Fauxhawks.

  • Amazing finger coils.

Let’s find out how to twist natural short hair to make it curly:

Twist Out on Short Natural Hair!

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