Kaftan Style 2018: 20 Fresh Looks

Nigerian kaftan dresses are one of the best parts of summer fashion. Kaftan gown styles are lightweight, can fit any body type, and look fabulous in any situation. Check out some of the best kaftan designs of 2018!

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1. Chiffon kaftan

The latest kaftan designs are all very chic, but a chiffon kaftan has got to be the trendiest variation of the kaftan style in clothing. It’s perfect for a hot summer day!

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2. Satin kaftan

Want an fabulous kaftan dress that you can wear to even the most important occasion? Consider a beautiful blue satin kaftan with delicate silver detailing!

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3. Black Ankara kaftan

When it comes to kaftan styles for ladies, Ankara remains on top of every rating. That is why this black and floral Ankara kaftan dress works so well!

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4. Blue embroidered kaftan

Embroidery is a popular way to decorate a kaftan and elevate its look. Check out this blue embroidered kaftan with golden embroidery!

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5. Two-tone kaftan

Many of the latest kaftan styles employ the popular fashion trend – the colour blocking effect that is achieved by combining two contrasting colour in one caftan gown.

6. Maternity kaftan

Thanks to its universally flattering shape and comfortable fit, kaftan is the ideal maternity wear! Plus, the long sleeves of this maternity kaftan dress make it especially elegant.

7. Wine Moroccan kaftan

Moroccan kaftan is a special type of caftan that looks downright luxurious thanks to the velvet fabric and gorgeous embroidery.

8. Blue Ankara kaftan

Kaftan style dresses made from Ankara fabric are very popular with Nigerian fashionistas thanks to the wide variety of print and being able to easily match your new kaftan style to your favourite accessories.

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9. Maxi Ankara kaftan

A kaftan style maxi dress is a great choice of an outfit for all kinds of events, from a wedding to a relaxed day by the pool

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10. Embroidered Moroccan kaftan

Moroccan kaftans already look exquisite, but when you add embroidery and other accents like sequins, this caftan style becomes even more attractive.

11. Maxi Ankara kaftan

Most female kaftan styles are long for a reason: the maxi length of a kaftan makes women feel confident, secure, and extremely fashionable.

12. Short kaftan

While maxi kaftans dominate Nigerian clothing style this year, short kaftans also enjoy their share of popularity with fashion-conscious ladies.

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13. White kaftan

When the occasion calls for something truly special, go for a white kaftan! To make it even more elegant, add golden embroidery as a finishing touch.

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14. Kaftan blouse with trousers

If you’re tired of traditional kaftan styles, you’ll definitely love the alternative – a combination of a beautiful kaftan blouse with matching trousers.

15. Short-sleeved kaftan

There are many things that make this kaftan dress fabulous: the short sleeves, the cute neckline, and the interesting Ankara pattern.

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16. Summer kaftan

Summer is coming and the best way to have fun during summer is to wear a beautiful kaftan with short sleeves and a fun floral print.

17. Black hooded kaftan

Are you wondering how to rock kaftan style evening wear? This satin black kaftan with golden embroidery and a fashionable hood may be your answer!

18. Ankara kaftan blouse

If you already have enough kaftan dresses in your wardrobe, go for a trendy Ankara kaftan blouse that you can wear with any kind of bottom you like!

19. Short Ankara kaftan

A short-sleeved, short Ankara kaftan is by far the most youthful and relaxed way to enjoy the growing Ankara kaftan trend of 2018.

20. Off-shoulder kaftan

Combine your love for the two of the biggest Nigerian fashion trends of 2018 by choosing an off-shoulder long-sleeved Ankara kaftan!

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