Fathers Day! See Pictures Your Favorite Celebrities Share With Their Sons

Father’s Day comes on Sunday, and that is a perfect occasion to spend time some good time with your kids. And that’s what celeb fathers did.

And now, all social media feed is full of lovely posts and pics of celebrating dads and their little ones.

We have rounded up the top snapshots from social media – see pictures your favorite celebrities share with their sons and daughters in 2018!

Fathers Day pictures

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1. Sabrina Carpenter with her father

Instead of calling her father “Daddy” Sabrina calls him “Tubby”. Well, that’s one good nickname!

Sabrina Carpenter Fathers Day

2. Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner with their parents

Kylie Jenner called Caitlyn her “tiny light”. Don’t you think that Kendall and Ky were quite adorable in these Dorothy outfits?

Kylie and Caitlyn Jenner

3. Beyoncé with Matthew Knowles

Beyoncé fathers day

4. Blue Ivy and Jay Z

Sure thing that Bey could not forget her Jay-Z! Here we got a sweet vacation photo of enjoying ice cream with Blue Ivy.

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Jay Z fathers day

5. Gavin Rossdale: the rock star dad

Gavin Rossdale’s having fun with his son Kingston.

gavin rossdale fathers day

6. Orlando Bloom: a pretty cute pair

Orlando Bloom gave his little Flynn the ocean of kisses during the recent me-and-dad photo session.

orlando bloom fathers day

7. Zendaya with her daddy

Zendaya’s Dad’s Day post was quite simple but very beautifully heartfelt.

Zendaya dad

8. Justin Timberlake with his son Silas

Mr. Timberlake spends his first Father’s Day with his son, Silas.

Justin Timberlake fathers day

9. Gigi Hadid with her father, Mohamed, and stepfather David Foster

Gigi Hadid had a really sweet family post!

gigi hadid dad

10. Yara Shahidi and her father

Yara’s photo collage is too cute to miss it!

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yara shahidi dad

11. Kanye West and his daughter North

Kim’s post of her husband Kanye with his dear little girl North definitely melts hearts!

Kanye West fathers day

12. Jennifer Lopez and her father

J.Lo will always stay her daddy’s girl.

Jennifer Lopez dad

13. Ubi Franklin & his son Jayden

Maybe Ubi Franklin had controversial relationships with women, but when it comes to kids he is definitely a good caring dad! He took this Instagram photo to celebrate both of his kids.

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Ubi Franklin fathers day

14. Basket Mouth with his son and daughter

Basket is one of Nigeria’s greatest comedians. He has captured the hearts of millions of his fans, and how he managed to capture the two more little hearts of his kids, Jason and Janelle.

By the way, when it comes to family, the top comedian is a very caring father. Seriously!

Basket Mouth fathers day

15. Timi Dakolo & his kids Hallel, Zoe and Alex

An amazing soulful singer loves his family with no bounds Timi is never shy to show off his stunning wife and their three children, Hallel, Zoe and Alex. And why would he?!

Timi Dakolo fathers day


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