Best IT Training Institute In Nigeria

Your profession defines your future, and if you want to achieve success in life, you have to understand that it is one of the most important choices in your life.

IT training in Nigeria is one of the most prominent fields. And if you want to become a respectful specialist in a prestigious firm and earn good money, you can pot for an IT education.

But first, let’s define the best it training institute in Nigeria.

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1. Best IT training institute in Nigeria: top 5

1.1. New Horizons Nigeria

The institute was established in the US in 1982, and it has developed a serious scientific approach to teaching students. Many famous specialists have got the education in New Horizons.

You can apply to the general reduced course, immersing yourself in networking, programming, information security, web development, Java technology, Oracle, CompTIA, and Microsoft.

New horizons Nigeria

Our Partners at New Horizons Abuja Nigeria. Check us out @ +234(0)8099607926

1.2. ApTech Nigeria

This institute has a great impact on the Internet technology sphere development in the country. You can become a student even from your home, take part in modern training programs and take tests or exams online.

You can choose various basic and professional courses in Nigeria or go for high-performance network & development programs. You can master Networking, NET, Oracle Java, etс.

Aptech Computer Education

Uploaded by Aptech Computer Education Uganda on 2017-03-03.

1.3. NIIT Nigeria

This is one of the leading institutes in the country, and more than 16 thousands of students attend the courses annually.

All of the programs that this institute offers meet the contemporary international requirements. Students can get practical skills in the Information Technology field by entering a 2-year software development course, become a pro network engineer by mastering skills in CCNA, Oracle, Windows, Linux, Administration, Web Application, CCNP, etc.

NIIT digiNxt

What will you be tomorrow ? An IT professional or a digital transformation expert .

1.4. FirstLogic

This institute is one of the leading certification centers in the country. There is a great variety of technologies and teaching methods integrated into the programs. Business processes are performed by professional managers.

The IT tutors have outstanding practical experience with CompTIA, Cisco, Microsoft, Java, Oracle, Web Development.

In general, the level of the institute meets the highest standards and requirements.

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1.5. HIIT

With more than 20 years of its existence, the institute became one of the leading educational centers and had hit many records. The institute’s employees have an outstanding experience in IT education, consulting, publishing, and by now their employees have worked with more than 60 thousands of students.

As a student, you will master web development, accounting, project management, principles of work with Microsoft, CompTIA, Oracle.



2. Computer training schools in Lagos

2.1. 2KO Africa

This computer training institute provides quality advanced courses and certification. You can join Cisco, Microsoft, CompTIA, Oracle, Linux, and other courses and online training programs.

2.2. Techlevels Computer Academy

The Academy offers IT training programs from beginner to advanced for both young and older people, students, individuals or corporations, private businesses, and employees.

best it training institute in Nigeria

2.3. Deft-Rains Solutions

This institute offers various advanced training programs, consulting and certification in IT sphere in Surulere, Lagos.

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2.4 Indian Institute Of Hardware Technology

The institute provides professional and individual training services on programmes like Cisco, Oracle, C++, Java, etc.

About IIHT

About IIHT

2.5. Lagos City Computer College

The institute is one of the leading computer schools in Lagos, offering different advanced programs in different popular fields of IT.

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