Best Academic Courses To Study In Nigeria

When choosing the field to study at a university or as additional education, you should take into account not only your inclinations and the subjects you excel in, but also the trends in the Nigerian economy and social life. Here are the 7 best academic courses to study in Nigeria right now.

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1. Architecture

New buildings are being constructed in Nigeria every day, from small residential buildings to malls and business centres. All of these construction projects need a skilled, highly educated architect to lead them, and that’s where you come in. Architects are always going to be in demand and it’s a fairly high-paid job compared with many other professions.

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2. Computer sciences

Millions of people in Nigeria use the internet on a daily basis for work, education, entertainment, communication, and shopping. Needless to say, someone has to maintain the IT infrastructure, create websites and services, and take care of security. A degree in computer sciences will unlock a lot of doors to Nigeria’s leading companies for you and will even allow you to work internationally as a freelancer.

3. Nursing

If you’ve always felt like helping others is your calling, you can make a career in the medical field. Studying to be a doctor is both expensive and time-consuming, so if you are looking for the next best thing, nursing is the right path for you. As a nurse, you can be employed in a variety of medical institutions, although hospital work is the most common one. Nursing is an adequately paid job with good career prospects.

4. Agriculture

Agriculture is one of the fastest-growing industries in Nigeria. These days, agriculture evolves in two directions: science and business. An agricultural degree can help you with both of those aspects. You can lead a completely new branch of agriculture or help existing businesses make the most with what they have. Either way, agriculture is one of the best courses to take right now.

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5. Theatre arts

You can often hear jokes about theatre art graduates struggling to find jobs and make a living, but the truth is that talent + a degree from a prestigious university + go-getter attitude can give you a better career than you can imagine. With a degree in theatre arts, you can work as a theatre or movie actor, TV personality, radio host, journalist, or work behind the scenes in the media.

6. Chemical and petroleum engineering

It’s pretty obvious that petroleum engineering is one of the most thriving industries in Nigeria with the best longevity prospects. This industry is steadily growing and is constantly for new professionals to join the field. A degree in chemical and petroleum engineering is not an easy one to get, both in terms of money and effort, but it will definitely pay off.

7. Marketing

Knowing how to produce a product or a service is important, but can be nearly useless if you don’t know how to sell it. That is why professional marketers are in such high demand in Nigeria. Every business, from a small startup to a major company, needs a skilled marketer who will let the world know about its products. Marketing is a complex field that involves numerous branches, and a marketing degree will help you master them all.

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