What Can I Buy For The Price Of The iPhone XS Max In Nigeria?

Two weeks ago Apple announced their new lineup of iPhones. One model, the iPhone XS Max, became not only the most powerful smartphone ever released by Apple, but also the most expensive one – it’s going to cost you 544,500 to own one. Find out what else you can buy with that kind of money in Nigeria!

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1. 1 2006 Peugeot 206 – ₦530,000

Just imagine – you can buy your own car for the price of a new iPhone! A 2006 Peugeot 206 is a fantastic choice – it’s fast, reliable, safe, good-looking, and packs comfort features like AC and stereo system.

2. 1 piece of land in Lekki – ₦500,000

Have you always wanted to live in Lekki? This is your lucky day, because for less than the price of the iPhone XS Max you can buy your own piece of land in Lekki Diamond City Phase 3 and live in a safe, burgeoning neighbourhood.

3. 50 acres of land in Ibadan – ₦400,000

For even less than you’d pay for a brand new iPhone, you can become a farm owner! These 50 acres of land in Ibadan are ready for farming and come with a water supply from a dam and all necessary paperwork.

4. 5 New HP 250 G6 laptops – 500,000

It’s difficult to deal with the fact that a brand new HP laptop with a 15.6-inch screen, Windows 10, and a 500GB HDD costs 5 times cheaper than a smartphone, but you can still get 5 HP laptops for the price of an iPhone!

5. 5 PS4 consoles with 5 games – 475,000

If you’re into gaming, than a UK-used PS4 console with 5 popular games like God of War, FIFA, and GTA V will give you months of unparalleled gaming experience, all for 1/5 of the price of the iPhone XS Max.

6. 12 new Tecno Camon CM phones – 540,000

In case you’re in need of a new smartphone but don’t want to spend half a million naira for just one iPhone, you can get a brand new Tecno Camon CM with a 4.5-inch screen, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage for 1/12 of that!

7. 12 100-liter Hisense refrigerators – 540,000

A smartphone is a device for personal use, whereas a refrigerator can benefit the whole family, not to mention the fact that you can buy 12 100-liter Hisense fridges for less than 1 iPhone XS Max – the choice between the two purchases is obvious!

8. 13 Infinix Hot 5 phones – 507,000

It’s true that the Infinix Hot 5 may be not as advanced as the iPhone XS Max, but when you need to choose between buying 1 or 13 smartphones for over half a million naira, not many people would choose the single iPhone.

9. 18 Polystar washing machines – 522,000

This Polystar washing machine can wash up to 4.5 kilograms of laundry in one go and is super easy to fit even into the tiniest bathroom. Plus, it has an energy-saving mode that washes your clothes for just 15 minutes and it costs just 1/18 of the price of a new iPhone!

10. 23 Qasa microwave ovens – ₦529,000

Another way to upgrade your home appliances for a fraction of the price of the iPhone XS Max is a Qasa microwave oven. It has a 20 litre capacity and a 1080W power output – all for just ₦23,000  apiece!

11. 36 bottles of Beyoncé Pulse perfume – 540,000

A bottle of Beyoncé Pulse perfume is a fantastic gift for so many people, from huge Beyoncé fans to those who love collecting perfume and won’t leave the house without putting on their favourite smell.

12. 37 bottles of Calvin Klein Euphoria Perfume – 536,000

For a guy who loves to smell nice, there is nothing better than a bottle of a trendy Calvin Klein perfume, and with one bottle being 37 times cheaper than one iPhone XS Max, what’s not to love?

13. 155 pairs of high-heeled sandals – 542,500

The iPhone XS Max may add some style points to your look, but a pair of high-heeled sandals is much more versatile and can be worn to so many occasions. Just imagine how great these ₦3,500 sandals will look at your next party!

14. 363 stripped party dresses – 544,500

There is no such thing as too many dresses in a woman’s wardrobe, and this green stripped party dress has many advantages – most importantly, it’s super affordable price that is 1/363 of an iPhone XS Max.

15. 453+ pairs of Ankara slippers – 544,500

There are several reasons why these ₦1,200 slippers can become a better investment for you than the most expensive iPhone ever: they are super comfortable, timelessly trendy, and allow you to show off your love for Ankara in style.

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