What Is The Average Cost Of Brideprice in Nigeria?

Planning the best day of your life? Then keep in mind that it is crucial to calculate everything in advance!

If you want to find out the average cost of Nigerian traditional wedding, you will need to write down a sample budget, because the wedding involves many different costs, including the bride price, the rings, the wedding dress, the wedding planner, the costs of photographer’s services and so on…

But the one thing you should do right now is not to panic in advance! We’ve got this post to guide you through all (or nearly all) wedding expenses in order to find out how much does a wedding cost in Nigeria on average!

wedding rings in nigeria and prices

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1. Bride price in Nigeria

The cost of wedding in Nigeria always includes the bride price. The bride price is the form of a gift and it depends on the customary law so it may vary depending on the area.

Back in the day, the bride price took a form of a labor, provided by the suitor for his future wife’s parents. Later, it was transformed into the cash payment and some gifts like foods and drinks.

Although the customary law does not insist on completing the payment before the marriage, at least you should make a pre-payment before a marriage will be held.

The bride price has a clear aim: to remove the insult and shame from the lady since she is legally married according to all holy traditions and that gives a great honor to her. But sometimes, in fact, it is a disadvantage to the lady ‘cause the man starts thinking that he can treat his wife the way he wants just because he had paid for her.

The binding law of marriage if the bride price is not paid doesn’t exist (at least, according to the Igbo tradition). The bride price makes lady respect her husband and his family. And she can’t be driven out of her husband’s house unless the price of a bride is refunded.

yoruba bride price list

There are four sections in the list of the bride price for the traditional Nigerian marriage and it includes:

  • Umuada – the Kindred Daughters (or the gifts for the daughters that will be shared among all the grown daughters in the bride’s family)
  • Umana – the Kinsmen (these gifts are shared amongst the males and heads of the future bride’s family)
  • Nmepe Uzo – Opening of Gate (these are certain general gifts «to open the door”)
  • the General cash gifts (symbolic cash gifts).

The common Yoruba bride price list usually consists of:

  • Yam.
  • Rice.
  • Salt.
  • Beer.
  • Palm wine.
  • Schnapps.
  • Mineral water.
  • Cigarettes.
  • Palm oil.
  • Stockfish.
  • Bread.
  • Vegetables.
  • Milk, etc.

As for the other items, for example, for the bride’s sisters, you can get some special gifts like wrappers & blouses, jewelry, head ties & shoes, bags & watches, toiletries.

cost of nigerian traditional wedding

As for the cash gifts for the ceremony, the family can demand the following:

  • “Ego Ogo cherem” (cash gifts for the inlaws) – N50,000.
  • “Ncha kishi udu” (toasting of wine) – N1,000.
  • “Ego nfotu ite” (cash for bringing down to symbolic pot) – N1,000.
  • “Ego Onye Eze” (cash gift for the village chief) – N1,500.
  • “Ogwe Ego” (lump sum) – N5,000.
  • “Ego maternity” (cash for the future maternity) – N1,000.

The bride price can take various forms depending on the traditions of the people. For example, the Mbaise people ask sums that can reach up to N100,000 that makes N800,000 in a whole with the marriage list.

To tie the fate with a Bororo girl, you’ll have to bring up to 50 live cattle! As for the Ikwerre people, the bride price & marriage list can cost you up to N1 million.

Bride Price List

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2. Wedding Rings

The price of a wedding ring depends on the metal and the design that you choose.

The common metal is yellow gold, sometimes – white gold. Golden rings come with different karats: 9k or 18k is the common type rings that can cost you from N50,000 to N150,000.

If it is quite expensive for you, there are really beautiful modern designer silver rings. That will cost you from N5,000 to N30,000, depending on the ring weight, style and finish of the jewelry.

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wedding rings in nigeria and prices

3. Wedding Gown

Every bride dreams of the perfect wedding gown! But what about the price for the Nigerian wedding dresses?

The price of wedding gown in Nigeria usually depends on its type, amount of fabric and, of course, the quality of the sewing. Usually, brides spend N50,000-N75,000 on the dress they love. Of course, there is always a good option – to rent a quality expensive wedding gown.

Today you can find the wedding gown for only N8,000 because some of the online shops offer great discounts. But you’ll have to look harder to find the quality designer wedding gown that will be that affordable.

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price of wedding gown in nigeria

4. Wedding Cake

Your wedding would not be complete without a delicious wedding cake!

And the cost of Nigerian traditional wedding is partly defined by the wedding cake price, that costs around N75,000. If you want to get the names on the cake, or want the cake to perfectly match the color scheme of your wedding, it will cost more.

The fanciest cakes that we have seen were about N200,000! But that will be a great boom cake for sure!

cost of nigerian traditional wedding

5. Wedding Photographer

The cost of Nigerian traditional wedding is influenced much by the services of the wedding photographer.

There’s no point in spending so much money if you wouldn’t have the photos of the celebration!

And if you want these photos to look like a masterpiece, you should choose the right wedding photographer. And if you expect to get him for less than N75,000, forget about the high quality of your wedding photo album.

The prices today are as high as N300,000 for a wedding photoset. These costs depend on the specialist’s experience and the set of services that he provides. For example, you may want a pre-wedding photo session, or maybe you want wedding photos and video? These are very important considerations.

cost of wedding in nigeria

6. Wedding Planner

If a wedding planning becomes a headache, there is a simple option – hiring a wedding planner.

You are wondering, how much does a wedding planner cost in Nigeria? That’s a tough question, ‘cause there is no standard rate for this service. Some of the professionals charge a fixed fee while the others choose a percentage commission on purchases that they make on your behalf.

In any case, you can be charged N70,000-N100,000 for a professional wedding planner.

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how much does a wedding planner cost in nigeria


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