TECNO L8 vs TECNO L9: What’s The Difference?

TECNO phones are in the list of most popular devices in Nigeria. The African manufacturer managed to find the perfect balance between price and quality in these devices, leaving users happy with the functionality they get and TECNO phone prices in Nigeria.

The new improved models appear on the market quite frequently. For instance, after TECNO L9 was introduced, the price of TECNO L8 in Nigeria dropped immediately, so more users could get “the battery monster.” Some enjoy such opportunity, while the others strive to get the newest gadgets as soon as they appear.

We try to remain reasonable and consider all pros and cons before choosing one. Soб let’s find out, who will become a winner in TECNO L8 vs L9 comparison.

tecno l9 battery


TECNO L series has simple but beautiful design – traditional rectangular shape with curved edges. Navigation keys are placed on the display and are not backlit. This may cause some difficulties when using the device in low light conditions. The headphone jack device is situated at the top.

The right side houses volume key and the left side houses a toggle for the Ultra Power Save mode. TECNO ads more physical buttons, but does it in a subtle manner. The lower panel features microUSB port, microphone, and loudspeaker.

The back of the device is metal, with plastic top and bottom. Interestingly, the back cover is removable, but the battery is not. A user gets access only to SIM and microSD cards slots. Yes, the latter one is dedicated to microSD, so users are not forced to choose between a memory extension card and the additional SIM.

tecno l8 charging problem

Due to the battery capacity, TECNO L8 looks a bit chunky and is quite heavy.

TECNO L9 corrects the design mistakes. It looks more ironed – slimmer and with more premium finishing. Besides, the device is light for its size (only 185 g).

tecno l9 camera


TECNO L8 is the smartphone with 5.5” LCD display, protected with Gorilla Glass. It is not a Full HD device, but HD capability is quite high. Vibrant colors, sharpness, contrast, and pixel density of this 1280×720 dpi display guarantee positive viewing experience.

TECNO L9 has bigger 6” display. Some say, it is rather a matter of taste, and it is too big for convenient usage. Nevertheless, it is one of the attractive features of this model, especially taking into account crisp displays, which produce sharp images regardless of viewing angle. The phone still feels comfortable to hold and HD image is of good quality.

tecno l9 plus camera features


When it comes to the comparison of TECNO L8 and TECNO L9 software specifications, the difference becomes more obvious.

TECNO L8 features are rather “old-school” as compared to TECNO L9 features, first of all, because of different operating systems – Android 5.1 Lollipop in L8 and Android 7.0 Nougat in L9. TECNO L8 RAM specs are also lower: 1GB compared to TECNO L9’s 2GB. Actually, 1GB is hardly enough for normal functioning, taking into account the fact that the smartphone has quite advanced specifications.

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However, the internal storage and processor are the same in both models. The built-in memory amounts to 16GB. The devices run on MediaTek Quad-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. These devices do not overheat even during intense use, but they are still not very good at multitasking.


When it comes to battery, TECNO L8 is one of the most impressive smartphones. 5050-mAh power pack with Ultra Power Save mode allows the phone staying alive for quite extensive periods (for 3 days, to be precise) without additional charging or rescuing power bank in the pocket. In case of normal usage, the charge rate will stay higher than 50%.

Heavy usage with video streaming and gaming still leaves the device with around 30%-charge at the end of the day. The device is enabled with reverse charging feature so it can function as a power bank.

how to open tecno l9 plus back cover

Interestingly, TECNO L9 has the battery that is 50mAh less than the previous model. Despite the success of L8, the developers failed to repeat the success in endurance. This time, they tried to maintain the excellent battery performance by optimizing software and interface features. However, the battery lasts for two days.

Luckily, both devices support fast charge function and the time of performance always varies depending on every individual user.


TECNO L8 is equipped with a camera that comes with every standard budget smartphone – 8MP rear and 2MP front. Normally, pictures are of fair quality, but the high share of noise often makes them grainy, especially in low light conditions (both for rear and front cameras).

The front camera is enhanced with image processing software for beautifying images straight away. The smartphone allows taking videos up to 1080p HD, but the camera often fails to focus.

tecno l9 plus camera features

TECNO L9 makes a step forward: 13MP rear and 5MP front cameras, both with LED flash. The photo quality has also improved. Colors are crisp and correctly reproduced; details are captured; the quality of images in low light conditions is much better. Still, it takes quite long for autofocus to lock on a subject.


The good news here: TECNO L8 the loudspeaker provides clear sound and decent volume. The basses go less clear at the highest volume, but this is hardly TECNO L8 problem – it happens with literally all devices.

The interesting feature is a graphic equalizer, which helps to personalize the audio player functions. There are three modes for adjusting the sound – Normal, International, and African.

What are the features of Tecno l9 plus?

TECNO L9 is even better. The sound does not crack at high volume, so the device is good enough for a party (well, maybe not the huge party, but that’s still pretty impressive). Besides, the low-frequency bass is much better balanced.

The quality of the wired audio is the best any of TECNO devices can offer. The built-in Boom Player comes with a handful of basic and very useful features, like online music search, download, and streaming.

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TECNO L8 is a finding for music lowers. Among the other, it allows to play music and navigate the player with the locked screen: swipe up or down to pause or play the track; swipe right or left to go to the next or previous track. The applications can be launched with the help of tracing letters on the display, the functions of which can be customized.

TECNO L9 also supports the navigation with locked screen. The fingerprint scanner, which appears in this model, is located near the camera. It works perfectly and can hardly fail to recognize owner’s fingerprints.

TECNO L8 and TECNO L9 price

The last thing left to figure out is how much is TECNO L8 and L9 in Nigeria. Well, the price of TECNO L8 and TECNO L9 in Nigeria will be one more advantage and reason for buying one of these devices.

Due to the TECNO L8 specifications, its price in Nigeria will be lower compared to L9 – around ₦40,000. TECNO L9 price in naira is a bit higher, but still affordable and reasonable, taking into account the functionality of the device. This phone will cost around ₦65,000.

tecno l9 plus full review

TECNO L8 vs L9 Review: Results

TECNO L8 is obviously not the best device available today. However, it is the device with the longest-lasting battery, which is, in fact, quite handy and nice-looking. Besides, there is hardly a device that can offer the same functionality at such low price.

TECNO L9 can boast more advanced software and more sophisticated design. New operating system and camera specifications certainly impress users, as well as long-lasting battery. Logically, the price for the device goes higher, too.

Take a minute to consider, which one will work better for you, and check out the best prices for phones on Jiji.