Black Friday is coming: Here’s what you should hold off on buying right now!

Black Friday is definitely the biggest event of the year for the shopaholics: this is a perfect chance to make amazing gifts for everyone you love or to treat yourself to some latest items you’ve been dreaming about!

With Black Friday Madness is approaching, and now we will show you the top 5  popular items that you should hold off on buying right now – because on Black Friday you will get them with the great discounts!

black friday tips for buyers

It’s high time to prepare for the festive season! Buy pleasant presents with good discounts for your family and friends!

1. Apple Air Pods

Air Pods headphones are really very similar to the standard EarPods, that you get with the Apple smartphones from the moment when the iPhone 5 appeared (2012). They are slightly thicker and have longer “tails”; the difference is that their lower part has no wires – just a pair of metal grids, that are installed to hide the microphones.

The original EarPods are ideal for the majority of users – they do not rub ears, do not fall out. But the AirPods are even better since there is no wire that adds some weight and sometimes causes the headphones to fall out of the ears if you accidentally pull it.

black friday discounts

Apple AirPods – The Final Review

Apple AirPods – The Final Review Original review: AirPods on Amazon: As we wait for Apple to update the now almost two-year-old AirPods, let’s take one final look at what turned out to be one of Apple’s best product in years. This is the AirPods Final Review.

2. Sony PlayStation VR

The idea of the device is simple, but genius: you put a helmet on your head during the game you get involved into it as much as possible! It really gives you unprecedented opportunities and sensations.

The volumetric picture with realistic sound instantly immerses us in the world of magic. The helmet connects to Sony PlayStation 4, and all Sony accessories, such as the Dualshock joystick and PlayStation Move Controller, which exactly repeats all your movements. These are the things that will make the game as interesting, exciting and vivid as possible!

black friday discounts

PlayStation VR Review

PlayStation VR reviewed by Dan Stapleton, based on the PlayStation VR, PlayStation Camera, and 2-PlayStation Move bundle. PlayStation VR Unboxing: Watch more reviews here! ——————————­—- Follow IGN for more! ——————————­—- IGN OFFICIAL APP: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: GOOGLE+:

This is the perfect gift for people of all ages, men, and women. Sony PlayStation VR will never be let you get bored again! Black Friday Madness. Over 100,000+ awesomely priced electronics from the best sellers!

Black Friday tips for buyers

3. PJ Masks

Heroes in masks set is the trending gift that will definitely make your child happy. Put the figures of Conor and Ketboy in the transformation room, click on the button on the top and the magical transformation will start!

The integrated drum of the room spins and turns Conor into Ketboy and vice versa (the figures get reversed). Collect all the transformation rooms from this series and create the three-story headquarters of masked heroes – Ketboy, Gekko and Alett!

There are several different items in the game set, for example, 8 cm high Conor and Ketboy figures with movable arms and legs, a room of transformations (12x12x12 cm) with 2 movable fixed wings (6×6 cm). Toys are made of safe plastic.

black friday discounts

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset Gekko Catboy and Owlette at HQ Fight Romeo Luna Girl and Night Ninja

PJ Masks Headquarters playset with Gekko and Catboy with Owlette at HQ fighting Romeo with Luna Girl and Night Ninja, by ToysReviewToys. The villains infiltrate the new PJ Masks Headquarters playset. Gekko fights Night Ninja. Catboy fights Romeo, and Owlette fights Luna Girl. They retake the PJ Masks Headquarters playset.

4. Amazon Echo Dot + Amazon Echo

Amazon Echo Dot and Amazon Echo are the two most innovative devices for your home at the moment.

These are the first voice assistants that work in the “always listening” mode, they interact only with voice, without pressing anything at all! Amazon has proven that listening to music and controlling your smart home with your voice is more convenient than any other way.

There is also an Amazon’s Alexa voice assistant built into Amazon’s smart speakers.

black friday discounts

Amazon Echo Dot 3rd Gen – 2018 Edition – Hands On Review

Check out our CES 2019 coverage! Amazon’s third-generation Echo Dot puts on some weight and comes dressed in a warmer, more welcoming design. The result is a better-looking Alexa device with good enough sound quality to deserve being called a speaker.

5. Amazon Fire tablet

Today it is almost impossible to find a cheaper tablet!

Equipped with 8 GB of RAM and “screensavers” that turn on when the device is locked, the Fire Tablet (2015) is sold for 60 euros. The «older» model with 16 GB of memory costs 10 euros more.

Despite its pricing policy, the Amazon tablet is equipped with a MediaTek quad-core processor and, surprisingly, an IPS screen, albeit with a quite modest resolution of 1024 x 600. The operating system Fire OS is based on Google Android.

black friday discounts

Amazon Fire HD8 with Alexa – 2018 review

Is the Amazon Fire HD8 with Alexa worth it in 2018? I’ll take a close look at the Amazon Fire HD8 and its Alexa capabilities in this video. Also I will explain who should buy the Kindle FIre HD8 and who should stay away.

There is also a version of Fire Tablet (2015) for the kids and it costs 120 euros. This version comes with a flexible plastic case, a two-year warranty, and includes a one-year subscription to the Amazon FreeTime Unlimited service.

It’s Black Friday Madness and prices have fallen! Click now to get your dream products for a fraction of their original prices!

Black Friday tips for buyers

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