Destination Wedding? Here Are The Top 5 Countries You Should Consider

The wedding ceremony is often the most important day for a couple, which is why many couples spare no expense on organizing their dream wedding. A destination wedding is a popular way to have a fairytale wedding, and here are 5 best countries for a destination ceremony.

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1. The Bahamas

It seems like The Bahamas have everything a modern bride and groom may want: there are hundreds of islands with destination wedding services to choose from, and your wedding can be as low-key or loud and expensive as you want.

One of the biggest benefits of getting married in The Bahamas, besides the relatively easy trip, is the fact that each one of your wedding guests will find something to do, whether it’s swimming, sunbathing, clubbing, fine dining, shopping, SPA, snorkelling, or fishing.

Top 5 countries for a destination wedding

2. South Africa

South Africa is a popular wedding destination that many Nigerian and African celebrities prefer. If you don’t want a long flight, South Africa is the perfect choice for you. Plus, South Africa is known gorgeous scenery, which will look so great in your wedding photos!

Another reason of going to South Africa for your destination wedding is that this country is beautiful and accommodating all year round: even the hottest months are largely bearable, and when the temperature is lower, you can have a fabulous wild life experience.

Top 5 countries for a destination wedding

3. Italy

If a longer plane flight doesn’t scare you, you can have an unforgettable destination wedding in Italy. The reason why so many couples dream of tying the knot in Italy is that this country is ideal both for those who want a religious or civil ceremony.

If you’re planning a religious wedding, the beauty of Italian churches and cathedrals will mesmerize you for decades after the ceremony. If a civil wedding is more up your street, then the fairy-tale Italian castles and vineyards will fit your tastes.

Top 5 countries for a destination wedding

4. Hawaii

If your goal for finding the ideal destination wedding location is enjoying the most beautiful scenery, consider Hawaii. The plan flight may be long, but the visual appeal of Hawaii, with its beaches, landscapes, lagoons, and waterfalls, is definitely worth it.

Hawaii is such a popular destination for a remote wedding that many of Hawaiian hotels and resorts offer complete wedding packages for newlyweds. Some even have a dedicated chapel for marrying the couples who came for a destination wedding.

Top 5 countries for a destination wedding

5. Thailand

Thailand is currently one of the most popular tourist destinations, but it’s also raising in popularity as the dream wedding destination. With a single travel to Thailand, each guest of your wedding party can have the most memorable experience.

It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that Thailand has it all: gorgeous scenery, historic sites, notorious night life, busy shopping locations, delicious cuisine, and a variety of activities for every taste and budget.

Top 5 countries for a destination wedding

Find out how to plan a destination wedding ceremony from the video below:

How to Plan a Destination Wedding

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