Meet Adetutu, The Nigerian Model Making Waves!

The Nigerian model, Adetutu OJ Alabi is the one behind the famous social media viral ‘Tribal Marks Challenge’ that landed her an exclusive BBC Africa interview.

The model had launched the challenge for a couple of various reasons. She had a wish to participate in Rihanna’s «Fenty Beauty» cosmetic line as a model and become its next ambassador!

Tribal marks campaign

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1. Nigerian tribal marks campaign

In certain cultures of Nigeria, the tribal marks are given to kids to identify and beautify them. Today, this ancient practice is fading away. Adetutu OJ Alabi, a single mother, who was proud of her tribal facial marks, has decided to start the «Tribal Marks» challenge on Social Media.

So, she started the action on her Twitter and Instagram pages. The reason was that Adetutu wanted to get to famous celebrity Rihanna through the shares and retweets. And she was lucky: she’s gotten nearly 12,000 retweets.


Adetutu’s tweet reads:

I have started the tribal marks SM campaign to get to Rihanna… Yeah… I have these marks on my face and I want to work as a model for her. I am sure that my Nigerian people will help me to get through to Rihanna. Please!

It’s not that easy to grow up with these scars… Even now, the permanent bullying hasn’t stopped… I still get triggered when I go out somewhere. I believe that if I’ll become working with @rihanna, my dream will come true”.

As we all know, the social media is a powerful web tool, and Adetutu’s challenge has got Rihanna’s attention and earned OJ Alabi an Instagram follow-back. While Rihanna has not yet commented on the challenge, we think that Adetutu has all the chances to become the new ambassador of the «Fenty Beauty» cosmetic line.

tribal marks

2. What Adetutu thinks about her marks?

While Adetutu is very proud that she has her tribal facial marks, she doesn’t think that the tradition should continue. She thinks that the kids should not be given these scars because they are unable to make a decision whether they want to live with these marks for the rest of their lives or not.


Despite the prejudices and bullying, Adetutu is still proud of her marks and never tries to hide them with the makeup.

In the BBC Africa interview she says:

I’ve started the tribal marks challenge just to show a bit more awareness. The folks talk about concealing these marks but I’ve learned to accept myself. You can become anything you want to become. Don’t let your marks bring you down!

tribal marks campaign

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