The Most Beautiful City In Nigeria: Top 10

There are many reasons why Nigeria is one of the best places to live in Africa, and the beauty of its small towns and big cities is definitely among them. It wouldn’t be possible to name every gorgeous Nigerian cities, but here is the top 10 of the the most beautiful city in Nigeria 2018.

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How the the most beautiful city in Nigeria is chosen

So how can we fairly and objectively choose the most appealing city in Nigeria? There are three criteria that can be used:

  • The appearance of the city: what its architecture is like and how new buildings merge in with older houses and neighbourhoods.
  • The history and traditions of the city have a big impact on both the look and the spirit of the city.
  • The availability of night life and other tourist attractions that add to the value of the city.

Using this criteria, we can now present the top 10 list of beautiful Nigerian cities.

1. Uyo (Akwa Ibom State)

Uyo may not be the most historical city in Nigeria, but it has many other reasons why it’s among the most beautiful ones. Most importantly, Uyo boasts enviable infrastructure: great roads, solar lighting, outstanding hotels, a giant stadium, and a modern entertainment centre.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

2. Ibadan (Oyo State)

Ibadan is known for being the biggest city in Sub-Saharan Africa, but it’s also one of the most appealing cities on Nigerian soil. Ibadan has dozens of popular tourist attractions, but tourists come there mostly for the vibrant and diverse architecture.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

3. Owerri (Imo State)

Many of the beautiful Nigerian cities are known for man-made attractions, but Owerri is one of the few exceptions. A big reason why Owerri is so popular with tourists is because it’s home to the Oguta Lake and Ada palm plantation, in addition to its clever planning and thriving night life.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

4. Port Harcourt (Rivers State)

Port Harcourt is a city that seems to have everything. It houses the offices of many large companies, it has lots of things to do, and the quality of life in Port Harcourt is famously high. Plus, the cuty is beautiful to look at from any angle.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

5. Warri (Delta State)

Warri is one of the best looking and fastest developing cities in Nigeria – it even surpassed the capital city of Delta State on our list! The architecture and infrastructure in Warri are very well designed, and Warri is also a surprisingly green city.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

6. Enugu (Enugu State)

Enugu is otherwise known as the “coal city”, but the truth is that this city is much more enjoyable than you could imagine. The landscape here is beautiful, the buildings are very good-looking, and there are plenty of fun things to do in your free time.

7. Abuja (FCT)

Abuja isn’t just the most beautiful capital city in Nigeria – it’s also the capital of Nigeria with everything you’d expect from a capital city. The city scenery is beyond gorgeous, the architecture is one of the best ones in the country, and Abuja malls and entertainment centres are known all over Nigeria.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

8. Kaduna (Kaduna State)

Kaduna is one of the few Northern cities on out list. It has decent infrastructure, but its biggest appeal to tourists is the historical significance of numerous buildings in Kaduna, which also happen to be simply gorgeous.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

9. Calabar (Cross River State)

Despite being relatively small for a Nigerian city, Calabar has all the signs of a big and beautiful city. The airport, stadium, botanical garden, several museums and parks, and a whole range of other striking objects are what placed it in our top 10 list.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

10. Lagos (Lagos State)

Many people are surprised to learn that Lagos, with all of its beauty and economic, social, and cultural significance, is neither the capital of Nigeria nor even the capital of Lagos State. Nevertheless, today Lagos is arguably the most beautiful city in Nigeria.

The most beautiful city in Nigeria

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