How To Get A Job Faster

“How to get a job faster in Nigeria?” is the question that bothers people of different ages and different qualifications. Some of them just start the career path, the others look for new opportunities, and someone wants to try something new.

Everyone bothered about how to find a job faces serious challenges. Very often, after checking out just a few job positions and attending a couple of interviews, a person starts worrying and rushes to find out how to get a job faster by any means.

However, if your situation allows waiting for a bit longer, don’t be in a hurry to accept the first offer that seems more or less appropriate. Take your time to figure out what you actually expect. Start with the piece of advice on how to get a good job faster below.

Three steps to a job

  1. Dream. Everything starts with distant plans, intentions, and dreams, which make you set goals and do everything to reach them. The work may be a tool for achieving your big dream or a dream itself. Define what it is for you and keep dreaming.
  2. Analyze. Take a close look at the image you have created during all this dreaming. Then set the priorities, defining what should be done in the first place and what you can leave for later.
  3. Act. Start doing something. Dreaming is a good booster, but it is just the first step to achieving the result.

Questions to answer

How to get a job faster in Nigeria

1. What do you want to do the majority of the time? Some love complicated tasks, while others prefer to follow the directions. Decide whether you want to use your creativity or leave it for leisure, and so on.

2. What people you want to have around? Are you comfortable with a noisy open space, its never-ending chats, activities, and meetings? Or maybe you prefer to communicate only with management? Or staying rather isolated and working remotely is the best option?

3. What is the optimal relation between the payment level and the amount of work? Set the minimum salary rate. Look for a job that can offer a bit more than you expect in terms of salary and career opportunities. Keep the minimum in your mind as the last resort.

4. What is the top priority for you? Is it a schedule, salary, office environment, or opportunities? If you fail to set the priorities, you will notice it in a couple of months. Make the list of the things that matter, starting from the most important one.

5. What are your strong and weak points? Actually, this is a frequent question to hear during job interviews. The answers, however, matter equally much for an employer and for you.

6. What can I offer to optimize working processes? Skills and knowledge are extremely significant for every employer. You are not expected to be 100% perfect, but to become successful, you should be competent in your field.

7. What are your plans for the future? Do you plan to study for a while and acquire skills, start your own business, or do something else? Keep in mind these specific circumstances and priorities when looking for a job.

Why finding a job is so difficult?

How to get a job faster in Nigeria

Handle all problems that prevent you from finding a dream job — or any job! Start with analyzing your behavior at interviews, your attitude, and answers. Then start working on the mistakes. Maybe some of the following actions and decisions postpone your success?

  • Superiority complex or feeling of inferiority.
  • Mistakes and misspelled words in your CV.
  • Inability to connect with an interviewer.
  • Inappropriate clothes and behavior strategy.
  • The lack of knowing where to look for a job.

Choosing a job position

Some people apply for wrong job positions, setting obstacles in their own way. Sometimes you cannot fully demonstrate your potential because subconsciously you are aware that this job is not for you. In this case, an employer has mixed feelings, too. For more effective searching, create several lists:

  • strengths and weaknesses;
  • skills and knowledge;
  • experiences;
  • expectations;
  • things to avoid.

Then, you can organize the job positions into several groups according to the following criteria:

  • salary rates;
  • the most interesting for you;
  • the easiest / the hardest;
  • convenient location;
  • social package and other benefits.

Reply only to those offers that are appropriate according to at least three points.

Basic interview tips

How to get a job faster in Nigeria
  • Dress up according to a job position: if you are applying for an office job, go with business casual style; if you are a designer, go with something eye-catching, etc.
  • Be calm and confident, but not self-assured.
  • Don’t answer the question with one word; neither start talking about something that is not related to the topic.
  • Don’t lie about your working experience and skills you don’t possess.
  • Believe in yourself. Positive thinking always helps a lot.