Best Ladies Hairstyle 2018: Full Collection You Must See!

A lady should be the glory of her gentleman, and her hairdo is like a crown of her glory!

There are plenty of trendy hairstyles for women that will make her gorgeous, more confident and, as a result, make her man adore her even more!

So if you want your gentleman to fall over heels again with you, read this post to pick up the best ladies hairstyle 2018!

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short hairstyles

1. Long hairstyles

1.1. Long Ponytail

This is one of the most simple, but beautiful and сфыгфд hairstyles. If your hair is arranged in a right way, this hairstyle will draw the attention to your beautiful face, make you look very feminine and tender!

hairstyles for women

1.2. Boxer Braids

Are you a sports lover? We are sure that you have tried different hairstyles, but it is time to go for the trendy boxer braids! These braids have been on demand for years, and even now they are at the peak of its popularity!

different hairstyles

1.3. Cornrows & beads

If you are a classy girl, then you need to try this classic look! Just add some beautiful beads to carefully arranged cornrows and you are ready to go and win the hearts!

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hairstyles for short hair

2. Short hairstyles

2.1. Short bob

Do you feel like a curious and creative child inside? Then this hairstyle is made just for you!

This is one of the trendiest hairstyles for short hair for the ladies who are not afraid to take risks and love to experiment!

funky hairstyles

2.2. Short colored asymmetric style

Asymmetrical hairstyles are a great choice for women with the round face type, because they help to sharpen the face shapes a little.

short curly hair

2.3. Multi-colored style for short hair

If you like the beauty of multi-colored hairstyles and you are ready to experiment with the numerous layers of your hair and coloring them in different colors, then you should opt for this style?

That will definitely turns heads!

wavy hairstyles

2.4. Short curly hair styles


Hi all, in this video you’ll find 100 short hairstyles to rock in 2018 (we don’t own any of these pictures). Don’t forget to check out the Scripture at the end of each video on this channel.

3. Wavy hairstyles

3.1. Braid-out hairstyle

This is one of the trendiest natural styles for medium length hair. If you choose this style, you can then opt for the trendy stylish cornrows or create another kind of box-braided styles!

There is one trick to add extra volume to your hair: after making braids, take them out the other day, and enjoy this magic of beauty!

updo hairstyles

3.2. Voluminous curls

Afro hairstyles are so popular because they are bouncy, funky, noticeable and voluminous.

Try these curls that symbolize your free state of mind, but do not forget about moistening them regularly.

best ladies hairstyle 2018

3.3. Soft twists

This is one more trendy loose hairstyle for those ladies who love natural hair curls & short hairstyles.

Usually, the common updos can put tension on your natural hair, but the loose soft twists make your hair relaxed, giving you that charming look you always wanted to have!

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latest hair style

4. Updo hairstyles

4.1. Side Parting

If you do not like centre hair parting, or think that it doesn’t suit you, then you will be happy to hear that the side parting is even more trendy!

The reason is that it is more flattering on most of our ladies and it looks clean and beautiful!

short hairstyles

4.2. Over-The-Top braids

If done right, plaiting braids can look like real art. Usually it is made with Kanekalon extensions, and we should say that applying it is a true skill!

To weave Kanekalon extensions into braids, you can use an artificial fiber that imitates natural hair strands.

hairstyles for women

4.3. Twist & scarf updo

This hairstyle looks really chic and elegant, and it goes with most of the trendy outfits you love!

More than that, you can complement this latest hair style with various scarfs of any length and color. Go ahead and twist the front of your hair when putting the back of it in a cute updo!

Then, tie your bright scarf around the hair and get your gorgeous look!

updo hairstyles

5. Funky hairstyles


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