Top 20 Church Altar Decoration In Nigeria

If your wedding day is coming soon, you probably have a lot on your hands. You need to select a wedding venue, hire a wedding planner, find caterers and bakers, buy or sew your ideal wedding outfit, and arrange a dozen of other wedding aspects.

Wedding decorations are an essential part of any nuptials, especially when it comes to church decoration designs. You can’t hold a wedding without church altar decoration in Nigeria, and today you can get some great ideas right here!

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1. Unleash your creativity

Luckily for you, there are no strict rules concerning the latest church altar decorations in Nigeria – most importantly, the church altar design should match the theme of the wedding and the tastes of the bride and the groom. That is why you have a nearly unlimited freedom of choice in selecting the right design.

The first thing you need to decide on is the color scheme. If your wedding already has a universal color scheme, then picking the colors for your church altar won’t be a problem at all. However, you can also pick an alternative color scheme. Here are some foolproof options:

  • White + a vivid shade
  • Black + a vivid shade
  • Navy and gold
  • Ivory and emerald green
  • Mint green and peach
  • Red, black + white

2. Use decorations

Without diverse and adorable decorations, all wedding church altars would look pretty much the same; with the help of decorations, you can create a unique design almost effortlessly. Here are some of the most popular decor items for a church altar.

1. Balloons

An easy way to give your altar a festive look is to use balloons. White or Ivory balloons are always a good choice, and they work pretty well with any other colors used in your altar design.

2. Fabrics

Any modern church wedding altar design cannot be imagined without beautiful fabrics. Fabric can be folded in dozens of different ways for different effects, but most brides and grooms prefer to have a professional do it instead of decorating the place with fabric themselves.

3. Candles

If you want to have a romantic and intimate wedding, you can highlight the romantic feel of the event with the help of candles. However, real candles are considered to be a fire hazard in the closed church environment, so you’d better use fake ones.

4. Flowers

What kind of wedding would it be without flowers everywhere? If you really love flowers, you can showcase your exquisite taste by decorating your church altar with a beautiful flower. As a bonus, the whole place will smell divine!

5. Lights

Like candles, LED lights can create a romantic and festive feel in the church where your wedding takes place. Plus, lights are more convenient to install and can be put in various combinations and positions, so that your wedding venue could look just right.

3. Nigerian church decoration pictures

Are you still undecided on the church decorations? Or do you want to get some inspiration for your upcoming wedding? Here are some of the most stunning altar decorations from lavish Nigerian weddings. Bet you’ll find your new favorite design here!

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