Short Straight Gowns: Your New Favourite Style

A straight gown is one of the most versatile items in a woman’s wardrobe. You can wear a cute straight gown anywhere, from a date to an office party. Plus, straight short gowns are available in every style imaginable – there are even short gowns for a wedding! Check out the most beautiful short straight dress designs right now!

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1. Ankara short straight gowns

Ankara straight dress styles are as popular as ever: they are fun, they are trendy, and they look flawless on any occasion.

One of the most unusual short straight dress styles we’ve seen lately is this cute Ankara dress with an off-shoulder design and flared sleeves.

The next short Ankara gown is very boldly designed: the black straps add the much-needed edge to the dress, making it worthy of a fashion magazine shoot.

If you want to highlight the best features of your figure with the help of a short Ankara dress, try the visual trick of combining light and dark fabrics in one gown.

Straight shift dresses are one of the most popular ways to rock the short Ankara trend this season – this silhouette looks both elegant and very comfortable.

How to draw everyone’s attention to your straight gown design with just one fashion trick? Simply make the shoulders of the dress the most eye-catching detail!

2. Straight gown lace styles

As always, lace is competing with Ankara for popularity in Nigerian fashion, and, for many trendy ladies, lace is winning!

Cord lace is the one thing that can make any straight gown 2017 more attractive: just look how this aqua cord lace plays against the coral underdress.

Adding a peplum on an already beautiful lace gown is a sure-fire way to style a gorgeous look for a wedding or any other event.

Black lace is one of the most elegant choices for a short dress for special occasion, and the smart use of contrasting accessories makes the whole look even better.

3. Short straight wedding dresses

Whether you are the happy bride or you’re invited to a wedding, you can’t go wrong with picking a short dress as your outfit!

The adorable pink color is a very good choice for a wedding dress, and the sequined bodice is what makes the gown even more festive.

Styling a fashionable wedding outfit is all about bold color choices – for example, you can pair yellow with royal purple. We can’t help but love these great shoes!

Another example of a smart color combination is the pairing of turquoise and fuchsia, which instantly reminds us of summer.

Finally, white is one of the most popular choices for a wedding dress for a reason: it looks simply perfect for the occasion, and the fringe detailing puts the gown on a higher level of fashion.

4. Straight dresses for office

Straight short gowns can be office-appropriate, as long as you keep the cut relatively modest and don’t go overboard with patterns and decorations.

Black and white are one of the most classic combinations for office wear, and you can keep it from being boring by accessorizing it with colorful shoes and bag.

Coral color is a highly popular shade in Nigerian fashion and it works perfectly for work-appropriate gowns. The golden belt is the ideal finishing touch to this outfit.

A green shirt dress could have been too casual for office, but the addition of fabulous coral shoes and leopard belt makes the whole look simply irresistible.

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Any dress can be made perfectly appropriate for office if you throw a solid-coloured blazer over it. A white blazer is one of the best choices, since it will work on any dress.

Even a hot pink blazer can be worn to the office, as long as you pair it with the right dress – for example, a black dress with a flawless fit.

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