The Most Popular Jiji Posts Of 2018

2018 has been an incredible year for the Jiji Blog: we have created hundreds of interesting and useful articles for our readers. Here are 9 posts on the Jiji Blog that received the biggest number of views last year!

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1. Latest Ankara Styles 2018

At the beginning of 2018, we saw the newest and best Ankara styles that proved to be extremely popular all year round. Flirty short dresses, majestic long gowns, classy skirt and blouse styles, and, of course, the glamorous and elegant Ankara Aso Ebi looks – this post has it all!

2. Top 9 Awesome Hairstyles

If you’re in a mood for a radical change of your hairstyle, want to make a few minor tweaks, or simply want to find out which hairstyles are in vogue right now in Nigeria, welcome to this article about the trendiest and most fabulous ways to style your hair!

3. Latest Lace Styles 2018

After we’ve covered the hottest Ankara trends of the upcoming 2018, we couldn’t leave out the beloved lace styles! In this post you will definitely find your new favourite lace outfit, whether it’s a blouse, a gown, an Aso Ebi, or even a wedding dress!

4. Brazilian Wool Hairstyles 2018

Brazilian wool is truly a holy grail of hairstyles for Nigerian women: it’s easy to work with, it’s inexpensive, and it gives you the creative freedom to try just about any hairstyle you want. No wonder this post about Brazilian wool has gotten so many views!

5. Colour Combination For Aso Ebi

Creating a winning Aso Ebi outfit is a whole art, and combining the colours the right way is one of the most important skills of an Aso Ebi wearer. In this article on colour combinations for an Aso Ebi, you can see dozens of great colour pairing ideas!

6. Bella Naija Cord Lace Styles

Cord lace is not only one of the most recognizable and delicate fabrics, but also one of the favourites of Nigerian fashionistas. In our post on Bella Naija cord lace styles, we have presented numerous stunning looks from 2018 featuring the iconic cord lace.

7. Best Lightening Cream 2018

Nigerian ladies love their fashion, but they are also constantly on the search for the newest way to achieve an even, glowing skin tone. Whether you prefer lightening products with or without hydroquinone, or even want to know how to make your own skin lightening cream, you will find it all in this post!

8. Health Benefits Of Bitter Kola

Did you know that bitter kola is the go-to product for weight loss thanks to its ability to suppress appetite and boost metabolism? Or that it is an effective treatment for gallstones, migraine, and rheumatism? Check out even more health benefits of bitter kola in this post!

9. How To Write An Application Letter

Job search continue to be a hot topic in Nigeria, and in 2018 we have posted lots of useful guides on how to improve your job prospects. Writing an application letter is an essential part of the job seeking process, and here you will find some valuable tips on how to craft one!

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