Best Colors And Styles For Nigerian Bridal Train: You’ve Got To See This!

Bridal train dresses of various designs are extremely popular in Nigeria. Girls from every nook of the country choose this cute style for their special day. This thing is huge and new style variations appear every day.

Wondering why this tradition is so trendy in Nigeria right now? Want to know which chief bridesmaid dress styles and shades are in fashion at the moment and what the ideal length for the bridal train is?

Have you questions answered – just read on this bridal train dresses and styles complete review!

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1. Bridal train gowns: where does the tradition come from?

A bridal train is a piece of fabric that is fixed to the back part of bridal gowns.

Bridal train dresses in Nigeria wedding is an amazing tradition taking its roots in the Middle Ages when people used to believe that long train was a statement of the person’s rank. That’s why any member of a royal family always wore very long bridal train outfit.

These days bridal train dresses in Nigeria look modern but still gorgeous tailored works of art! By the way, any royal outfit can be accessorized with bridal beads.

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2. Nigerian bridal train styles: top-6 list

Bridal train styles come in various lengths and they can be worn for different occasions. Let’s take a look at each of them.

  • “Sweep”. This type of bridal gowns in Nigeria has the shortest train of all – about 15 cm. This style is great for those brides who will dance a lot, or take an active photo shoot outdoors.

  • “Chapel” style should be preferred for a traditional wedding at the church. It’s about 40 cm long and it looks very stylish but is still easy to wear.

  • “Cathedral” bridal train is about 50 cm long and can be quite challenging to wear. This style can often be removable.

  • “Monarch” train is the longest one of all. It can reach to almost a meter. This style requires a special person (usually called flower girls) to carry the train.

  • “Panel” bridal train is normally removable from the dress itself ant it looks simply exquisite!

  • “Watteau” is placed over the shoulders and stretches past the bride’s dress. It is removable and is attached only for the ceremony.

3. Bridal colors and what they mean

The bridal colors of train have to match the dress color. But if the bride doesn’t wear a white dress but opts for colored bridal gowns, she should really think about the meaning of every color.

  • Latest bridal gowns are frequently offered in BLUE as it symbolizes purity and tranquility, as well as safety and faithfulness.

  • The bridal train gowns in BLACK are picked by the girls who like to look stylish and slim.

  • RED is the color of love and passion. Nevertheless, this color is not very popular as a wedding color in Nigeria.

  • IVORY is a great option for those ladies who want t look traditional but don’t like the way they look in white.

In general, there is a great multitude of bridal colour combination variants that can help create the bridal look.

4. Latest bridal train styles: top 15 ideas

Bridal train styles 2017 are quite different from bridal train dresses 2016: they look bolder and more colorful!

Let’s check out the latest bridal train styles in Nigeria– and borrow the coolest ideas!

5. Bella Naija bridal train dresses

Aren’t These African Brides Beautiful In Their Traditional Dresses?

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6. Reception dress for bride: top trendy styles

  • Look stunning in this silver grey dress with minauidere

  • Show the beauty of your back in this open-cut decorated pink mermaid dress

  • Look like a queen wearing this silver decorated blue dress

  • Look yummy in this embellished crop top and high-waisted skirt

  • Boast your sexy arms in this cute brown dress

  • Rock this white patterned slitted dress

  • Choose this strapless dress with animal print to knock down the guests with your divine beauty. Strapless is a perfect choice for a perfect figure.

  • Silver and gold

  • Flirty cold shoulder golden gown

  • Sleeveless stylish gown

  • Real Fashionista

  • Trendy Jane

  • French lace outfit

  • The Crystal-look dress

  • Red miracle

  • Red carpet style

  • Floral romance.

7. Chief bridesmaid dress styles: top-10 looks

Choosing an appropriate bridesmaid outfit that would look gorgeous but wouldn’t outshadow the bride’s dress is a challenging but essential task. And although fashion changes quite often, some traditional ideas and regulations for selecting the best bridesmaid dress are still worth checking out.

So simply take a look at these best chief bridesmaid dresses 2017 that are fashionable at the moment!

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