Best Generators In Nigeria: The Buying Guide

An unsteady power supply is a problem every Nigerian faces sooner or later. Power outages not only make it impossible to perform even the simplest tasks, but they are also damaging to the appliances and electrical equipment in the house.

Luckily, for all power problem, there is one simple solution – a power generator. This moderately-sized device will provide a source of energy in case of power outage. Find out what is the best generator for home use in Nigeria right now!

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1. Why do you need a generator?

While there is no arguing that a generator is an extremely useful device in a modern home, the rather high generator prices in Nigeria can make you wonder: do you really need one in your household? However, with as many advantages as a generator has, the answer to that question is clearly “yes”.

  • Surge protection: your appliances and electronics will be protected in case of a surge when power returns.
  • Size variety: the wide range of sizes and voltages will allow to pick the right generator for your home.
  • Comfort and safety: your family will never be subjected to the darkness, lack of air conditioning, spoiled food in the refrigerator, and other consequences of power outages.

 best generator in nigeria

2. How to choose a generator?

In the modern Nigerian generator market there are dozens of models that differ in size, voltage, and other parameters, so picking the right one sometimes proves to be a challenge. Here are the main features to look for when you’re searching for the best generator product in Nigeria.

  • Fuel type: most home generators run either on diesel or petrol, although some high-powered generators require natural gas for operation.
  • Rated power: this parameter reflects the load carried by the generator under normal circumstances – e.g. standby supply. The more electric appliances you have, the more rated power your generator should produce.
  • Maximum power: this number indicates the maximum load the generator is able to carry in a short period of time. Maximum power shouldn’t be used for more than 30 minutes.
  • Automatic voltage regulator: when the generator comes with this feature, you can rest assured the generator will choose the most suitable voltage. Except for the smallest generators, most regular-sized generators are equipped with an AVR.

3. What is the best portable generator?

Now that you know what to look for in a home generator, let’s find out which generator you should go for in the end. Here are the most popular generator brands sold in Nigeria today.

1. Tiger

These generators have been exceptionally popular a few years ago thanks to their affordable generators under 2KVA. They are still a great choice for small businesses.

2. Elepaq

Elepaq generators are one of the most cost-efficient generators available these days in the Nigerian market. They have plenty of additional features and can cover a wide variety of electricity needs.

3. Haier Thermocool

Haier Thermocool generators are known for their outstanding performance and reliability. Thanks to the internal fuel tank they can last for a long time without being constantly refilled.

4. Honda

Honda is a brand that is known for its durability, which is why Honda generators are a big hit in Nigeria. Additionally, these generators are very quiet and can be started with little effort.

5. Sumec Firman

Perhaps, the best generator brand in Nigeria is Sumec Firman, which can be found in thousands of homes. They are easily transportable, reliable, affordable, and full of extra convenience features.

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