Health Benefits Of Soursop Leaves You Wouldn’t Expect Of Them

Soursop is a tropical fruit that has a pretty unusual combination of texture and taste. But soursop fruit it is not the only thing this plant is known for – it is also popular because of health benefits of soursop leaves. These parts of the plant contain a lot of different chemicals, most of which are beneficial for a human organism. Health benefits of soursop are continuously being researched by scientists, but here are a few of the area, in which soursop leaves were proven to be helpful.

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1. Soursop fruit

Health benefits of soursop fruit are extensive – it is full of vitamin C and fiber, it works great at preventing infections and osteoporosis. If you’re dealing with this plant for the first time and you don’t know, how to eat soursop fruit, don’t worry – it’s really easy! Just cut it in half and eat it with a spoon – every part of it, except for a seed, is edible and tasty.

2. Painkiller

One of the most notable soursop leaves health benefits is their ability to soothe the pain. They contain analgesics that can help you to get rid of both internal and external pains. Apply the clean leaves directly to the place you feel pain in or make a kind of concentrated soursop tea – boil 15-20 leaves in a couple of liters of water.

3. Skin diseases

It has been proven that one of the benefits of soursop leaves is their effect on eczema. They do not only improve the skin condition but also subside the pain from skin marks. Soursop leaves can also help people with boils. These unsightly marks can appear randomly on your skin, and although they are not that dangerous by themselves, they make the risk of conducting some type of infection much higher. To treat skin diseases with the help of these leaves, just grind them into the paste and apply it to the damaged area.

4. Weight loss

Soursop leaves have some substances that help the human organism to lower the cholesterol levels and they can lower (or stabilize) your blood sugar level. All this is a great start for making your diet healthier and losing some of that excess weight. Of course, it’s not a miracle solution, but soursop leaf tea for weight loss will definitely be helpful. Here is an instruction on how to make soursop leaves tea:

  • Chop 10-15 soursop leaves, either fresh or dried;
  • Put them into the boiling water and leave it boiling for about half an hour;
  • Carefully filter it. Drink either hot or cold two times a day. Add some lemon or honey to make it tastier.

5. Side effects

Soursop leaves are not some kind of panacea – there are some soursop leaves side effects. However, most of them are connected to pre-existing conditions you might have. For example, consuming these leaves would be bad for people with Parkinson’s disease, any kind of brain damage and low blood pressure. If you’re not sure if you should take this remedy – consult with your physician.

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