How To Make Groundnut Oil For Healthy And Tasty Dishes

Vegetable oils are a really helpful ingredient in any kitchen. They can be used for almost any meal, and they are much better than the animal fats, as they are free of cholesterol and saturated fats. This means that they are better for your health, especially for your heart.

Groundnut oil is one of such oils and, what’s more important, it is very easy to make on your own. Furthermore, groundnut oil production in Nigeria can be a part of a profitable business. So, if you’re interested, here is how to extract oil from groundnut at home.

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1. Health benefits of groundnut oil

Groundnut oil is widely used in Asian cuisine, but it is somewhat underrated in other parts of the world. And it really is a shame, as there are a lot of health benefits of groundnut oil. Except for the low cholesterol and saturated fat levels, mentioned earlier, this oil is also full of vitamin E and different antioxidants, of which is resveratrol. This substance is proven to be an effective remedy against high blood pressure, Alzheimer’s disease, and even cancer!

2. Ingredients and materials

Learning how to make groundnut oil at home is really easy, partly because you don’t actually need anything, except for groundnuts, blender, a container with a tight lid and a bottle to store your groundnut oil. You will need around 3 cups of peanuts to get 1 cup of oil in the end.

3. Step-by-step instruction

Here is how to make groundnut oil:

3.1. Shell and clean the peanuts

This is a very time-consuming process, so it would probably be better to get a bit more expensive, but cleaned peanuts. Be thorough, wash the nuts in cold and hot water to make the process easier.

3.2. Soak the nuts in water

Put your clean peanuts in the bowl and pour water till it covers them. Let them sit there for about 15 minutes. This will make the peanuts softer and make the next steps easier.

3.3. Blend the peanuts

In the end of the process, you should get a uniform mass, almost as smooth as the peanut butter. To make the blending easier and faster, add some warm water to the mix.

3.4. Put them away

Put the blended peanuts into the container, cover it with the tight lid and put it into the refrigerator. Let it stand there for at least 24 hours. In this time, all oil should rise to the top and you’ll be able to easily collect it.

3.5. Separate and sieve the oil

Collect the oil with the help of the colander or just a spoon. Sieve it to get rid of all the groundnut leftovers. Keep the oil in the refrigerator in between uses.

4. Larger production

If you want to know, how to produce groundnut oil in larger quantities, the answer is simple – there are press machines that you can use for a fast and effective groundnut oil production.

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