Top 7 Most Stylish Wedding Cake Ideas

Everyone wants their wedding to be perfect, this occasion is usually planned up to the smallest details. Wedding cakes are the part of this small details, that actually matter a lot. A wedding cake should be compatible with the whole mood of the celebration while being original and attracting attention. It is a centerpiece of the table, so choose your cake’s design careful. Here are a few most stylish (according to modern trends) cakes we’ve found to make the job easier for you.

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This cake design consists of two layers, wrapped in edible golden leaf, and other two entwined with beautiful small, but greatly detailed flowers. At the top, they are made into a romantic crown, a rendition of which the bride could wear during the ceremony.







This design unites white and peach palette – standard colors for a wedding ceremony, which still make a solid combination and make wonderful soft and tender look. Yellow roses, although being in contrast with whole color scheme, only support the feel of delicacy.






3In this cake, pattern is imprinted on pale pink glaze of the dessert. This combination of color and style of the pattern make really glamourous design, which is supported in this case with a paste ornament on the ware. This cake is a great example of the art-deco style and will be a great choice for the wedding with such style.





This cake is made of tiers with different animal prints. It would be the best choice for your traditional wedding. Edible animal figures amplify the feeling this design imply. Repeating patterns and a contrast between layers will definitely attract attention to this dessert.






Flower pattern on this cake make it feel very vintage and classy. Black and white stripes add it more modern look. This mix of styles works surprisingly well and is great for a classical wedding.







This cake is based on a minimalistic design – simple black hearts pattern on a white background, simple, but beautiful pink poppies and white tulips. It isn’t too vivid and won’t be out of place in most of the cases.







The pleats on tiers of this cake create a feeling of movement, and soft brushed colors on them amplify this feeling and create an association with a waterfall. Main palette of pink and blue keep the cake bright and sunny.