Nigerian Bridesmaid Dresses: The Popular Trends

Picking the perfect wedding outfit is a very responsible task, whether you are the bride, the groom, or one of the bridesmaids.

A great bridesmaid’s outfit should match the overall style of the event and the venue, be festive enough, and look great in pictures.

Even though Nigerian bridesmaid styles change every season, there are still some basic rules and ideas for choosing the best possible bridesmaid look. Check out the best ways to style a nigerian maid of honour dresses!

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1. Lace bridesmaid dresses

One of the most popular bridesmaid dresses in Nigeria, the one that is beloved not only by bridesmaids but by all female guests at a wedding, is a lace dress.

Today lace gowns are available in all colors, lengths, and shapes – you can easily find a perfectly fitting and occasion-appropriate dress in any possible style, including Nigerian chief bridesmaid dresses.

The length and style of the bridesmaid lace dress depend on the format of the event: if you have a more casual wedding to attend, pick a knee-length dress with a pencil skirt, while more solemn wedding ceremonies call for a floor-length gown with intricate detailing – for example, bridal train gowns.

bridal train gowns

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Nigerian chief bridesmaid dresses

2. Ankara bridesmaid dresses

As one of the most popular fabrics and prints in Nigerian fashion, it’s no wonder that Ankara style has made its way into wedding wear a long time ago. Right now you can find all kinds of Ankara-inspired gowns, from casual short dresses to sophisticated styles for bridal train wears.

Thanks to their vibrant coloring, Ankara bridesmaid dresses can easily fit any wedding style, which means no matter which theme you pick for your event, you’ll easily find a matching bridesmaid dress for each one of your girlfriends.

Ankara bridesmaid dresses

styles for bridal train wears

nigerian maid of honour dresses

3. Train bridesmaid dresses

Bridal train dresses in Nigeria are another trendy variation of the traditional bridesmaid dress. This type of dress can be made from any fabric, the only requirement is a long, flowing train in the lower part of the dress.

Usually, bridesmaid dresses with a train complement the bride’s wedding gown that also features a gorgeous train, although it’s possible for bridesmaids to wear train dresses that differ in style from the bride’s outfit.

Bridal train dresses in Nigeria

Bridal train dresses in afrika

4. How to choose a bridesmaid dress

If you have a wedding to plan and want to dress your bridesmaids in the trendiest gowns, but still can’t decide between bridal train gown styles and other popular types of bridesmaid dresses, here are a few general tips:

  • Length. Generally, the bridesmaid outfits should be based on what the bride is wearing. A long wedding gown can be paired with bridesmaid dresses in any length, while a short wedding dress should be worn only with short bridesmaid gowns.
  • Chief bridesmaid. The most traditional way to pick Nigerian bridesmaid dresses for the Maid of Honor is to choose a different-colored dress in the same style, although you can get around this tradition by simply adding a different accessory to the chief bridesmaid’s gown.
  • Groomsmen. Even though less effort goes into choosing the outfits of the groomsmen, it’s important to make them at least somewhat coordinated with the bridesmaids’ look – for example, by wearing neckties or pocket squares in the same color.

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