Pink Lips Cream – Is The Effect Worth The Risk?

Most of the people are attracted to pink, luscious, juicy lips. Scientists cannot explain this trait, as well as they don’t really know, why people kiss.

One thing is for sure – if you want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, you need to have natural pink lips. But there are quite a lot factors, which may darken your lips, from tea and coffee you drink to the pollution of the air around you and influence of the sun. That’s where pink lips cream might help you.

However, products, that make your lips look lighter, especially permanent pink lips cream, have a number of side effects. So, is it really the risk worth taking?

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Let’s look at the effects of the cream on your lips:

1. Effects

1.1. Lip lightening

This is, obviously, the main effect of the cream. This effect is achieved either by bleaching your skin (not the best version) or exfoliating it and making your blood vessels closer to the surface.

1.2. Lip glitter

Most of the agents are equipped with additional moisturisers to keep your skin healthy, which on the surface appear as lip gloss. Actual gloss is also sometimes added to the cream for cosmetic purposes.

1.3. Useful substances

Some creams are enriched with vitamins and micro elements, that will make you healthier and will keep you in tonus.

If you use products to make lips pink, you need to be aware of the dangers of such use. Here are pink lips cream side effects, that you might experience:

2. Side effects

2.1. Lip exfoliation and chapping

Most of the lip balms are equipped with a moisturising element, but sometimes its effect is not strong enough to compensate the influence of an active element. In such case, use additional lip moisturiser and avoid the overuse of the substance.

2.2. Lip sensitivity

The darkening of your skin due to the external stimulus is a natural reaction of your organism, it’s a part of the defence mechanism, that protects your skin.

After you get rid of it, your lips are open to the threats, and they are vulnerable to them. You can use a UV-screen cream to protect your newly coloured lips from the aggressor.

2.3. Jumps in body temperature

This pink lips cream side effect is caused by the confusion of your body. When your lips get irritated, your body might think, that it is being attacked by some kind of virus or bacteria.

In this case, it starts another defence mechanism, which includes increase in body temperature. This side effect is less common, but it can be more dangerous to you.

2.4. Allergies

This side effect is even less common, but, in rare cases, it can even cause death.

You can be allergic to any substance from the cream’s formula, from active whitening element to the flavoring agent. Check the effect of the small quantity of the cream on your skin, at any sign of rash or irritation stop using it.

All in all, almost all side effects can be avoided by choosing the right cream for you. There are pink lips creams with extra moisturising, aesthetics to minimize the irritation.

There are some natural ways to get pink lips, which have minimum amounts of irritating agents, but they still could provoke an allergic reaction.

The most noticeable side effects usually develop from the use of long-term effect creams. As mentioned earlier, permanent pink lips creams are the most dangerous ones.

So, if you want to play it safe, avoid using these products.

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