Ghana Weaving Styles For Round Face: The Ultimate Review

Women of Ghana are fond of weaving their hair. Such hairstyles have even received the name of Ghana braids. Ghana weaving styles for round face can sometimes be called all back ghana weaving, Banana cornrows or pencil braids. These hairstyles are a win-win: they are both stylish and very durable which is very convenient especially in the summer.

However, different face shapes require different hairstyles in order to look one’s best! If you have a round face and want it to look perfect – read this post and find out how to do Ghana weave hairstyles for round faces!

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1. How to Make Ghana weaving for round face: step by step tutorial

Are you a complete beginner in cornrow styles for round faces? Just follow these guidelines and you’ll have amazing results. Even if your hair is short, weaves will add length and luxury to your hair.

  • The first step would be washing and drying your hair thoroughly .Your fingers should be able to move through the hair without being tangled.
  • Get all the tools ready: you will need tooth combs, synthetic kanekalon packs for hair braiding, various hairpins, ties and elastics, scissors, spray or styling jel.
  • Divide your hair into equal sections with a comb and fix them with pins and hair gel.
  • Take a small hair strand and braid it, smaller pieces first and then bigger and bigger.
  • Add synthetic kanekalon hair underneath your real hair to make it look more luxuriant. Make your braids very tight.
  • Do not overuse kanekalon because natural-looking braids are the best.
  • The braids must always be directed to the ear.
  • Repeat with other hair strands.
  • Cut everything that sticks out with scissors.

Be gentle to your hair – do not tear it or comb violently.

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2. Trendy Ghana weave styles for round face

There are many trendy Ghana braids styles, which perfectly suit round face.

One of the easiest ways to look your best would be Ghana weaving all back. Your braids can be straight or a little zigzagged, short, or longer if you decide to add kanekalon braiding hair.

Do not be afraid to experiment with black hairstyles for round faces!

You can embellish your braids in a variety of ways, for instance, by decorating them with wooden beads for a more ethnic look. You could also use different color of kanekalon braiding hair. Or you could pick your braids up at the top.

You can create lots of Nigerian hairstyles for round faces, but you should choose the ones that suit your face shape and unique style perfectly.

Create & enjoy!

Zig Zag Ghana Braids

Cornrow Braids In A Bun

Ghana weaving styles for round face

Spiral Braids

Spiral Braids

Bulky Braids & Low Bun

 Low Bun

3D Ghana Braids

3D Ghana Braids

Dual Effect

Dual Effect

Long, Chic Braids

Chic Braids

Neat Ghana Braiding

Ghana Braiding

Ghana Braids & Shaved Side

 Shaved Side

Elevated Braiding

 Shaved Side

Elegant Ghana Braids

Ghana Braids

Ghana Braids with a Twist

Top Bun & Loose Locks

Artistic Ghana Braids & Low Ponytail

Thin Ghana Braids

Compact Weaving & Center Parting

Side Braids

Side Braids

Spiral-Inspired Ghana Braids

Blonde Ghana Braids

Native American Ghana Braids

Thick/Thin Ghana Braids

Thin Ghana Braids

Sharp Ghana Braids

Ghana Mohawk

Ghana Mohawk

Turban-Like Ghana Braids

The Best Ghana Hairstyles in one video

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3. Ghana weaving styles for oval face

Ghana weaving for oval face is just another sort of braiding style since oval faces have some peculiarities.

Today, a lot of women in Nigeria make cornrow braids even more than ever! It suits perfectly for women of any age. You can even experiment with decorating your hairstyle with glass beads, fillets or even flowers! Synthetic hair extensions will make your hair look longer.

Check out these Nigerian hairstyles for oval faces – we are sure you will find a style that suits you the most!

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Ghana Weaving Styles For Oval Face

Ghana Weaving Styles For Oval Face. Howdy dearies. What you got today is ghana weaving styles for oval face. These hairstyles are the best ever for a perfect and spectacular beauty, enjoy it!! love it!

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