How To Tie A Nigerian Turban

Turban is a traditional piece of clothing, that is becoming more and more popular, especially among the celebrities. Combination of modern fashion-styled clothes with traditional elements creates a unique look, that is great for both formal and casual events. There are a lot of different head wrap styles, so here are some of them for you to choose from. Check out these Nigerian turbans for sale on Jiji!

Look 1

This one is really simple to do, with a braid on the side. To tie it, you need to:

Step 1 Put the center of the scarf on your head

Step 2 Twist the two ends together in front of you all the way to the end

Step 3 Wrap the twisted scarf around the side of your head. Tuck the end on the other side

Look 2

This head wrap is completed with a flower-like bun on top. If you want to make it you need to:

Step 1 Start the same, as the previous one

Step 2 Tie it in the center and then start twisting. Don’t make it as tight as the last one

Step 3 Wrap it around the knot you’ve made in the beginning. Tuck the loose end underneath in the back.

 how to tie a turban

You can do the same thing, but with a knot on the side to make a cute side bun.

Look 3

This style is more simple and has no details standing out, but still elegant and beautiful.

Step 1 Start the same, as before, with the center of the wrap on your head and tied in front of your head

Step 2 This time, combine both ends through their whole length

Step 3 Roll them over so that the roll is on top of the knot

Step 4 Tuck the loose end

You can also just not roll it, but tuck the end on the back of your head.

Look 4

This one requires an Ankara head scarf.

Step 1 Put the scarf’s end on your head

Step 2 Wrap the long side of the scarf around your head as many times as its length allows

Step 3 Tuck the loose end and the fabric in the back of your head

Look 5

This style requires two scarfs, preferably ones with contrast colors. It has a very sophisticated look to it, so you should definitely try it, if you want to impress someone.

Step 1 Put the first scarf on your head the way you can tie it in the back of your head, but for one end to be really short, and the other one a lot longer

Step 2 Put the second scarf the same way, but make sure, that the long end of second scarf is on the other side of your head than the long end of the first one

Step 3 Wrap the long ends of scarf around your head in the same order to create an overlapping pattern

Step 4 Tie the long ends together and tuck them in the back


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