What Languages Do You Need To Find A Job

Expending business into international markets is not an goal – it is only a starting point on the road to success. Therefore, knowledge of a foreign language adds a tremendous plus to your skills and experience, and increases the chances of finding a promising job in a large company.


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Knowledge of English, which is considered to be international, goes without saying when it comes to finding a job. Top of the list of those who need English in their job occupy top managers, interpreters, consultants of international departments, IT-specialists, marketers and specialists of tourist companies, – those who directly communicate with native speakers. The list can be accomplished by work specialties.

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Studies show that the knowledge of one or two foreign languages can increase salary by 20-30%.

Let’s see what languages you need to know to increase your chances of finding a job?

Language Native Second Total
English 340* ~ 1 000 ~ 1 340
Spanish 322 ~ 80 ~ 400
Arabic 240 ~ 40 ~280
Russian 145 ~ 110 ~ 255
German 210 ~ 80 ~ 200



A direct correlation between the level of salary and the number of mastered foreign languages is more a myth than reality. It is much more important to be “in the right place at the right time” – and to know the main required language at the highest level.

 “Yes, knowledge of a foreign language opens up new horizons for the applicant, but one cannot say that in a foreign company the Nigerian, who perfectly knows the foreign language will get higher salary than in a large Nigerian company, being a talented and important employee. For example, the salary of the personal assistant in an oil and gas company in Nigeria will not be lower than in an international company.”

Anuli Barata, analyst


Today, China actively asserts its position in international markets. In 2009 it became the largest trade partner with Nigeria, leaving behind the USA. Therefore t is not a surprise that the demand for Chinese language has increased. In Lagos, for example, more and more students are studying it.

On the other hand:

“… knowledge of English is enough to work at a branch of the international Chinese company. Moreover, the Chinese are reluctant to give away their positions to foreigners. “

Achebe Salami, international relations manager

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“One of the areas, in which knowing foreign languages greatly improve the chances of getting promising work is a hotel business. And this is true for both: managers and receptionists. Knowledge of foreign languages, in this case, may increase salary by 20-30%”.

Nmachi Biamila, hotel manager

IT-technologies area has its nuances. For example, programmers are now actively studying German: Europe feels the need for talented developers, and therefore involves specialists from different countries.


Knowledge of a foreign language can be seen as an investment in the future. If you don’t have a time to visit the specialized courses, you can take an advantage of online learning – nowadays there are many free services for distance language learning!

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Arabic is in demand in many careers in Nigeria. With the combined annual GDP of 600 billion dollars of the Arab region, the increase in population, commerce, trade and economic activities Arabic will definitely have a more significant role to play in world affairs.

If you are planning to work in the Arab company, get ready to study the language – employers of the Arab countries often invite employees to move to their country for work.

Students of the University of Ibadan check their graduation gowns in their campus in Ibadan, south west Nigeria, November 15, 2006. A visitor to Ibadan University in pre-independence Nigeria more that 50 years ago was impressed by its modern structure and 100,000-book library. Since then, Nigeria's premier university, which started in 1948 as a University of London college, has come down in the world. Today, run-down faculties with paint peeling off walls, and crowded, scruffy student hostels testify to its decline. To match feature AFRICA-EDUCATION-UNIVERSITIES. REUTERS/George Esiri (NIGERIA) - RTR1JD1R

“Knowing several languages, you can easily get a job in a large company as a technical support operator. In international company basic language will be English, additional language can be German, French or Spanish, depending on the activity of the company. The chances of getting such a post are big enough: the majority of graduates of technical specialties do not know the language at the required level. If you have a technical background and you know two foreign languages, your salary can even surpass the salary of native speaker, who has no technical education, by 30%”.

Izukanne Bazighe, HR-consultant

“If the company does not feel the need to develop relationships between foreign partners, foreign languages will not be the decisive criterion. But if it does, knowledge of second language will play a crucial role in getting place – for both:  interns and top-managers.”

Olajide Seun, manager of sales department

“English is mentioned in 85-90% of vacancies as required for job. Among other languages there are:

  • German-50-55%
  • French 15%
  • Italian -10%
  • Chinese-5%.

Idaramfon, Sadiq, research manager


A second language other than English, will play a key role only in case when it is really required -otherwise you don`t have to expect on salary allowance. Don`t try to learn the language “just in case”, review the vacancies according to your specialization – and work from that.


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