Essential Life Skills You Should Have By 30

The question “Where should I be at 30 years old?” has crossed everyone’s mind at least once. There are a lot of things you should know about life by the age you turn 30. Start with an essential life skills list.

Take a piece of paper and divide it into three zones – “What important skills to have?”, “Things I already know,” and “What skill should I learn.” Think about different situations and experiences, life skills that saved you or the ones you lacked.

If it seems too difficult, check out the list of life skills for adults below. You may start making notes based on our observations and come up with your own conclusions. So what are the what are life skills we consider so important?

Survival skills

It may sound beaten, but the ability to survive in extreme circumstances belong to basic life skills. Even if you never get lost in the woods, hunt and prepare food in the wild, provide immediate treatment or something like that, you should know how to handle such situations.

Learning & personal development

When we talk about the importance of life skills, it is necessary to remember that human beings are quite lazy – they don’t like leaving their comfort zones. If you don’t push yourself to self-improvement, you risk failing at career growth, personal relations, etc.

Rational decision making

Humans are not robots; they cannot be guided by cold-blooded premeditation or implacable logic. However, it is very important to be guided by a reason, not emotions, when you make an important decision.


Without it, a person becomes an enemy for themselves. Being late to work systematically, failing to meet deadlines, broken promises, missed opportunities, harmed relations, health issues – these are just some consequences caused by a lack of self-discipline.

Explaining your thoughts and ideas

It doesn’t matter whether you write something or explain orally. In case you cannot deliver an idea clearly, clearly and explicitly, the chances that someone hears and follows you are miserable. In this case, you risk being left without any support or followers.

Social skills

Even self-contained introverts need to communicate with others. You are to contact with people every day. Without this, you won’t be able to achieve your goals or build healthy relationships. Well, many genius people were socially awkward, but the majority has become famous only after death.

what are life skills

Critical thinking & fact checking

The amount of information you face every day is off the scale. It is not a completely negative thing, because you can find out many useful and interesting things – but only in case you know how to estimate it all critically and systemize it. Spend your time online intelligently.

Personal finance management

Financial independence is the first step to your personal freedom. There are three basic rules to remember:

  1. Spend less than you earn.
  2. Find a source of passive income.
  3. Invest in something profitable.


If you don’t know how to relax, you won’t learn to be productive. First of all, you need to get enough sleep – this is what keeps your body functioning physically. Then, don’t forget about leisure activities – reading, walks, traveling, music, etc.

Setting goals

A person without goals reminds a sheep in the middle of the stormy ocean. To achieve something, you need to understand in what direction to move and what to follow. Your plan can feature a lot of stages that will last for years, and it is okay.

Personal ideology

Every person needs to create a system of personal values, principles, and beliefs. You need certain rules that will help you to make important decisions. Ask yourself what you praise the most in relationships, friendship, work, etc. and what you don’t like. This is the first step to positive thinking.


Setting goals is what you can do intentionally. The human brain is good at generating ideas, but it can face problems when it comes to translating them into reality. This is why you need to develop visualization, which works on the subconscious level making hard work and persistence even more effective.

Habit training

Some people think of habits as something negative. Treat habits as personal rituals. When you think you must go to the gym, it feels like a burden. If you think that it is an essential part of every person’s life and a normal thing to do, it becomes easier.

Healthy lifestyle

It doesn’t mean you should give up pizza and forget about lazy days. However, taking care of your health is at the top of the importance life skills. This is what helps to look good, feel well, and keep up with the rest of the essential life skills list.

Time management

20% of tasks bring 80% of the result. Spend the dead time (in public transport, in front of the TV, etc.) wisely if it is possible. Focus on something that helps you to develop. It doesn’t mean you should forget about rest – just deal with procrastination.

what are life skills

Public speaking

No one says you should become a professional speechmaker, but you should be able to speak your mind and vocalize what’s on your mind. There are numerous techniques to practice public speaking that can help you to share ideas, which can change someone’s life.

Saying “No”

Sometimes you need to say “No” to people. In this case, you don’t reject to help or give a piece of advice – you just guard personal interests. Be reasonable and don’t forget that self-interest doesn’t always make you selfish, it makes you clever.

Conflict management

Conflict management is also on the list of life skills, both for a business environment and everyday situations. If you know when to stand for your beliefs and when to walk away without an argument, you will feel happier and create a healthy atmosphere around you.

Accepting criticism

Last but not least among the important life skills, an ability to listen to someone else’s opinion is a hard thing to do. If you learn to make conclusions that benefit your development instead of taking amiss, you will discover a whole world of opportunities.