How To Make Sponge Cake: Easiest Step-By-Step Recipe

The cake that you have made yourself, at home is the tastiest thing on Earth! It is a symbol of a family holiday, the dish that brings home warmth, feeling of unity and comfort in your family life. The easiest and most popular home cake recipe is, of course, the fluffy sponge cake recipe!

For its preparation, biscuit dough needs a minimum of available ingredients that you will easily find in any kitchen, it is easily whipped with a mixer, and the just baked. And of course, when you add your handmade cream to your light and fluffy sponge cake recipe you will get an amazingly tasty recipe for the whole family!

Let’s see how to make sponge cake the easiest way!

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sponge cake recipe

1. Sponge cake recipe: the ingredients

  • 6 eggs,
  • 230 gr. of flour,
  • 180 gr. of sugar,
  • 2 tsp baking powder,
  • vanilla or vanilla extract.

how to make sponge cake

2. How to bake a sponge cake: the process

So, check out our easy sponge cake recipe with plain flour:

  • First, we need to separate the whites from the yolks.
  • Add a pinch of salt to the whites and whip them at medium speed until you get the fluffy mixture.

vanilla sponge cake recipe

  • Add half the sugar and continue to whip. Continue doing it until you will notice «peaks» on the surface.

fluffy sponge cake recipe

  • Add the remaining sugar to the yolks and whip them until the mass becomes lighter and it will increase.

best sponge cake recipe

  • Put the yolks mixture in a bowl, add the whites mixture to them and mix it all with gentle upward moves.
  • Add baking powder to flour, sift it and re-sift, add to egg mass in portions.
  • Let’s move to the second part of our vanilla sponge cake recipe: knead the dough in a circular motion, adding vanilla. You should stop the kneading as soon as the dough becomes homogeneous: otherwise, it may become liquid.
  • You can grease the baking dish with vegetable oil and sprinkle with flour, or cover its bottom with baking paper.

easy sponge cake recipe with plain flour

  • Then, you have to spread the dough into the form, and bake out one big biscuit (then you should cut it into pieces), or you can divide the dough and bake the cakes separately.

how to bake a sponge cake

  • Put the form in the oven, heat it at 180 degrees and bake for 35 minutes.
  • Check the readiness with a stick: put it in the middle of the cake, it should remain dry and clean when you pull it out.

light and fluffy sponge cake recipe

  • Switch off the oven, open it and leave the ready biscuit in it for 10 minutes, then carefully remove it from the oven and leave it to cool.
  • If you are not going to eat your dessert right away, it is better to wrap the cooled biscuit in plastic wrap and put it in the fridge for a while.

simple sponge cake recipe with 2 eggs

We know that it is better to see once than to read one hundred times, so check out this how to make sponge cake video:

Simple Sponge Cake Recipe – Detailed & EZ to follow !

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3. Simple sponge cake recipe with 2 eggs

Basic vanilla Cake | Using 2 Eggs | How to make cake at home

Welcome back to Diussimplekitchen! This is a basic vanilla sponge cake recipe made using eggs. Just follow these simple steps and I assure you your cake will turn out to be the best. For written recipe- I take a moment to THANK YOU all as our channel has crossed a small milestone of 100 subscribers.

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