How To Quickly Calm Down When You’re Angry

What do you do with the mad that you feel? Lyrics from the Fred Rogers’ song don’t answer that, just cause even more questions. So how to calm down from anger quickly, without any harm for yourself or people around?

In the present-day stressful environment, knowing how to calm down anger is especially important. There is no secret that will offer a solution for everyone. Below, you will find some of the most common and effective calming techniques for anger and check what works for you.

Leave the emotive zone

How to calm down when angry in the most obvious and quick way? Leave the site of an irritating situation started. Leave a party, unfollow a page, block an annoying person. Retreat a safe distance away from an irritant to minimize its influence.

Count to ten

Simple as this, just start counting slowly from one to ten (or you can start a countdown as well). Do it very slowly and silently, without pronouncing numbers. Control your breathing. Why do we believe it to be effective? All doctors and coaches advise it.

Laugh or cry

Ridiculing and mockery have been cultural casualties for centuries. If you don’t know what to do when your mad, let out your emotion. Laugh if it is nonsensical. Cry if you are stressed and cannot handle the situation. There is no point in keeping in your feelings.

Try to distract

After you leave a zone of irritation, find an interesting occupation – play the guitar, watch a movie, go boxing. If you cannot leave at the moment, find something to focus on – a spot or detail in a room, a positive memory, a quote from a song.

Physical lessening of tension

If you ask someone how to calm anger, the majority will offer a gym or running, but actually, any physical activity will be suitable. It is necessary to let go of stress and frustration. The helpful activities that can save you from destructive rage include:

  • walks;
  • swimming;
  • dancing;
  • boxing;
  • bottoming the house;
  • hand washing laundry;
  • working in a garden;
  • destroying stuff;
  • sex.

Positive reframing

It is not okay to be positive all the time. However, if you can find a bright side in a situation that made you angry, do it – this is your answer to how to control anger. Think of how you can make an advantage out of it.

Verbalize it

Verbalization is speaking something out. It doesn’t mean you need to pay back and offend a person. You can just express your mind or yell in an empty room, write everything down, read and burn if you want. It will help to move beyond the negative experience.

what to do when your mad

Breathing exercises

There are different reasons causing anger and different situations a spate of anger happens. What to do when you’re angry but cannot laugh, cry, or turn your back and leave? People prone to bursts of anger practice anger management exercises.

When you start to get angry and nervous, a big amount of adrenaline is released into the organism. All the calming techniques aim to lower the adrenaline level. Breathing exercises are the most effective way to cope with it: the faster your muscles are oxygenated, the faster you calm down.

Method #1

In case of nervous tension, make your breathing correspond to the state of your organism. Breathe often and deep. Make 3-4 deep and fast breaths. Pause for 5 seconds, and start breathing as it is convenient. Repeat 3-4 times.

Method #2

Make your organism calm don. Breathe a little bit deeper than usually – just a little bit. If you start breathing too deep, your head will start to span, and the effect will be completely opposite. This method is less noticeable and suits for business meetings and personal encounters.

Method #3

Breathe sharply and clench your fists digging your claws into palms. Sharply, without a pause, stretch the fingers when you breathe out. Repeat it 10-12 times. Focus on hand actions and keep concentrated on them all this time.