The Best Educational Apps For Adults

How many educational apps are there 2018? It is complicated to keep track of all the new applications and trends. We tried to come up with our own shortlist of education apps for adults. Maybe you’ll find something worth adding to your list your mobile device and tablet knowledge essentials.

The best learning apps

The diversity of free educational applications with high-quality content is huge. Below, you’ll find our top picks. These are the apps of different formats and courses you will enjoy.

free educational applications

Khan Academy

Khan Academy app is a perfect match for those who are tired of lectures and boring hometasks. Interactive learning with videos, exercises, in-depth articles in many fields, including math, economics, history, and humanities. Different tests and quizzes will help to solidify knowledge. You can also study offline.


Udemy app works in a similar way. There are courses on different subjects – from digital marketing to draw, from web development to finances. The courses differ in lengths and are constantly updated. Users are granted lifetime access and can study offline.


Language enthusiasts love this app so much that some start looking for Duolingo careers after they start learning. Besides, students can assist in translating websites and different documents as they progress in studying. Learning through gaming, short lessons, and competition help you to stick to the routine without skipping classes.


Coursera was one of the first global online learning platforms. Today, you still can access many courses for free. For the extra fee, you can receive an internationally recognized certification. There are also advanced programs that consist of several courses. The selection of subjects is very huge.

Alison Courses

On Alison Courses, you can find both educational programs and how-to tutorials. All of them are available for free, although certificates are issued for an extra cost. Users can download videos to study offline. There is a big selection of lifestyle courses you’ll enjoy.


This is a huge collection of podcasts on different subjects. Anyone can become a contributor. Listen online or download tracks with lectures, discussions, audiobooks, and educational content. You can set up notifications about new episodes or other personalized features.


This app for learning languages has one of the best interfaces ever. The educational process is very interactive: you learn new words, phrases, and sentences through gaming. An upgrade allows communicating with native speakers via the app. It is possible to learn several languages at a time.

Google Arts & Culture

This app will be interesting art and culture lovers, travelers, and everyone who wants to be well-versed. Here you will information about museums, famous artists and their works, festivals, and a lot more.


Why is a social network on the list of the best educational apps? Here you can ask questions about everything and receive an answer. In most cases, the answers are relevant and clear with no offenses or shaming. Besides, you can stumble upon insightful subjects accidentally.


Last but not least among today’s best learning apps, NeuroNation helps to boost your productivity, develop cognitive skills, and start learning more effectively. There are 27 types of exercises on 250 levels, all developed by the Psychological Department of Berlin Free University.

Sites like YouTube but for adults

free educational applications


This platform is a collection of user-generated how-to videos, filmed by enthusiasts and professionals. Here you’ll find the most diverse tutorials, from business promotion to weight loss and makeup tips. Each comes with a video and a transcript.

Snag Films

This is a library with full-length documentaries users can watch for free. The films are divided into categories so it is easy to find something useful and insightful in a sphere you are interested in.

Internet Archive

In addition to documentaries, the archive stores numerous historical and academic videos, over 200,000 totally. The content will be interesting for students and people who are just interested in a particular field.


TEDx is probably the most popular platform with educational videos. Local TEDx conferences take place all over the globe, and the content is later shared online. The speakers are not necessarily educators or scientists, however, the speeches are always relevant, interesting, and inspiring.

Bonus: best free educational apps for kids

free educational applications

Tom and Friends

This series of games are suitable for children of all ages. Taking care of a virtual pet (feeding, dressing up, bathing, etc.) teaches little players about a daily routine, chores, and a lot more. All characters can repeat sounds, which is helpful for toddlers learning to speak.


This is a game for children between 1.5 and 6 years old. The main tasks are to feed and cure animals. Kids learn how to look after pets preparing how to do it in real life. It explains how serious is having a pet.

LEGO® Juniors

This app develops kids’ imagination. Boys and girls design their own original minifigures, vehicles – cars, helicopters, trucks. It is interesting even for adults.


This app with high-quality graphics and audio will teach a kid to distinguish letters and sounds. One of the highlights is the original vocabulary, which gets more complicated as a kid progresses on learning letters. The number of words increases for every next letter.

Jelly Band

This may be the first encounter with the world of music. A kid can play different virtual musical instruments, create a band, experiment with the sounds, make up your own tunes. It develops creativity and aesthetic taste. It also helps to come up with an idea for a future hobby.