Igbo Blouse Styles

Igbo people are a great part of Nigerian population, they come from the southeastern part of the country, namely – from the land, close to the Niger River.

Their culture is unique, and it gave birth to a unique Niger delta fashion styles. Igbo traditional wears unite traditional African motifs and some influence from European colonists.

They especially shine in their traditional wedding attires – blouses and wrappers. Let’s take a look at some latest Igbo blouse styles, that you should try out yourself.

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Igbo wedding traditional attire usually consists of gele, Igbo blouse and George wrapper, and some accessories, like necklace or beads. Although it seems like a fairly simple style, there are a lot of different variations of it. Here are some latest Igbo blouses, that look really gorgeous.

1. Lace blouses

Lace is a very popular material for Nigerian blouse styles. The material has come from Europe, it is really light and it looks very elegant and tender. Its semi-transparency makes the whole outfit look intimate and sexy, that’s why it’s a great choice for a gorgeous attire.igbo blouse styles latest igbo blouse style Lace blouses

2. Igbo blouses with floral patterns

A material is not the only thing, that makes Igbo blouses 2017 so great and still relevant. Igbo blouse styles have often featured incredible patterns, the floral theme is one of the most popular among them.

These ornaments are usually situated on the chest, but in some cases the can be expanded and cover the whole blouse.

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3. Blouses, that are contrasting to the wrappers

This style of the traditional attire has its components drastically differ, to make it more eye-catching and memorable.

This difference is usually achieved by making them completely differently colored, combining cold and warm colors.

This contrast can be deepened by making different ornaments, too, preferably with brighter and more complicated ones on the blouse.igbo blouse and wrapper nigerian blouse styles

4. Blouses with the same style, as the wrappers

Making Igbo blouse and wrapper look the same creates a feel of a full dress. Such Igbo blouses for traditional marriage ceremonies are the most common, especially when the bridesmaids are wearing the attire, described in a previous paragraph. In this case, gala should also match the whole attire. Igbo blouses for traditional marriage

5. Classic blouse

If you want to wear the latest Igbo blouse with a traditional European-cut long skirt, you should wear a more classically-cut blouse. This type of Nigerian blouses widens to the bottom and better underline your waistline. The ornaments and bright colors are still there, but it still creates more elegant and even business style.Classic blouse nigerian blouses igbo traditional wears

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