How To Make Moi Moi: The Best Recipes

Moi Moi, which is also known as Mai Mai, Moin Moin, and Moy Moy, is one of the most beloved dishes in the Nigerian cuisine. Moi Moi can be eaten on its own as a snack or serve alongside some other Nigerian staples, like jollof rice and stew with white rice.

The main ingredient in Moi Moi is beans, but there are plenty of ways to cook this dish with additional ingredients or using extra equipment. Check out the best ideas on how to cook Moi Moi!

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1. Ingredients for Moi Moi

The most traditional way of cooking Moi Moi is also the most common way of preparing this dish in Nigeria. If you’re cooking Moi Moi for the first time or want to try the most authentic recipe, here are the ingredients you’re going to need.

  • Black eyed or red beans – 750g
  • Habanero pepper – 1
  • Tatashe peppers – 3
  • Large onions – 2
  • Ground crayfish – 5 tbsp
  • Lukewarm water – 2l
  • Vegetable oil – 200ml
  • Ground nutmeg – 2tsp
  • Stock cubes – 4
  • Salt – to taste

how to make moi moi

2. How to prepare Moi Moi

To follow the classic Moi Moi recipe, gather the ingredients listed above and follow these steps to get a fresh and delicious batch of Moi Moi.

  1. Soak the beans in water and remove the coat, either by using the palms of your hand or a food processor. Once the coat has been removed, soak the beans for another three hours before cooking.
  2. Blend the beans using your home blender and a little water. In case your blender can’t ensure a smooth consistency of the bean paste, you may be better off using an industrial mill at your local market.
  3. Blend the peppers, crayfish, nutmeg, and onions with a little water and mix the blended paste with the ground beans. Add the vegetable oil, pour in the remaining water, and  drop the crushed stock cubes.
  4. Take a large pot, fill it with water, and set on the stove. In the meantime, take the containers you prepared for Moi Moi, fill them with the bean mixture, and cook in boiling water until the Moi Moi is ready – it takes an hour on average, although larger servings of Moi Moi may take longer to be prepared.
  5. That’s it – your Moi Moi is done and ready to be served with a chilled drink as a snack or with a main dish. If you’re wondering how to make Moi Moi with a different flavor, try adding either corned beef, hard boiled eggs, or bone marrow to your mixture before cooking it in the pot.

3. How to make Moi Moi with foil

Foil is one of the most popular containers for Moi Moi. To make the containers, cut the aluminum foils into equal-sized squares and make boat-shaped containers, leaving the top side open.

Tip: use double foil sheets to avoid the container bursting from the heat during the cooking process.

4. How to make Moi Moi in the oven

If you have an oven, you can use it for this alternative way of preparing Moi Moi. Moi Moi in the oven can be cooked in the same foil containers, or you can use ramekins or muffin tins – just remember to coat them in butter or oil to prevent Moi Moi from sticking to the sides. Oven-baked Moi Moi should take between 30 and 50 minutes to be done, depending on the size of your containers.

5. How to make Moi Moi with bean flour

The biggest difference between the been flour and traditional Moi Moi is that here bean flour is used instead of fresh beans. The been flour still needs to be soaked in water for three hours – the rest of the cooking process is similar to the classic bean Moi Moi.

6. How to cook Moi Moi with leaves

Most Nigerian Moi Moi cooks prefer to make this delicious dish using Uma leaves – not only do they make the recipe more authentic, but they also help Moi Moi cook faster while retaining the moisture and not drying out too quickly.

First remove the stalks and wash the leaves at least twice; once with a sponge and salt water, and once with clear water. To make Moi Moi in leaves, take two leaves, fold them into a cone shape, fill with bean mixture while holding the pointed end to avoid spillage, and fold the leaves to cover the opening. Cook the same way you would cook Moi Moi in aluminum wraps.

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