Five Natural Substitutes For Sugar

It’s no secret that sugar is simply delicious and nearly everything can be made better by adding a little sugar. However, for people with various health problems, as well as for those who watch their weight, sugar is often out of questions. Here are 5 natural ways to substitute sugar in your everyday life.

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1. Honey

Even for people without any health conditions, honey is often more preferable than sugar. Besides the delicate sweet taste, honey adds an interesting flavour to anything you cook with it, from a cup of tea to baked goods. Its texture also allows it to be used as a condiment for pancakes and other popular foods.

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Honey is also significantly healthier than sugar. It lowers the level of bad cholesterol, raises the level of good cholesterol, and gives your body valuable antioxidants. However, like sugar, honey contains fructose, so it may still not be the best option for individuals with blood sugar-related health conditions.

2. Stevia

When the healthy eating movement started gaining traction about a decade ago, stevia was considered the best healthy alternative to sugar. Since then, stevia has only gotten more popular. Stevia comes in two forms, powder and liquid, and can be used in every aspect of cooking instead of sugar.

What’s great about stevia besides its sweet taste and subtle flavour is that it doesn’t contain any calories, which means it can be safely consumed on any diet. Stevia is also not associated with any health risks and can even lower your blood sugar level and your blood pressure.

El consumo de Stevia contrarresta la fatiga y al tener un sabor dulce y no tener calorías, ayuda a bajar de peso y a disminuir la ansiedad por alimentos altos en azúcar. Esto se suma a sus efectos favorables en la absorción de grasas, y también a que puede servirnos como un antiácido. La Stevia facilita la digestión, por lo que es recomendada para personas que sufren de problemas gastrointestinales; Es un diurético suave y ayuda a disminuir los niveles de ácido úrico. Tiene 0 calorías, es totalmente acalórica. Aconsejable para perder peso ya que reduce la ansiedad por la comida (tomar de 10 a 15 gotitas 20 minutos antes de las comidas) y al regular la insulina el cuerpo almacena menos grasas. Realza el aroma de las infusiones o alimentos donde se añada. Recomendamos la versión liquida por su practicidad, pero tambien puede encontrarla en polvo y en hojas #stevia #endulzantenatural #natural

2 Likes, 0 Comments – Vida Natural La Leonesa (@vidanatlaleo) on Instagram: “El consumo de Stevia contrarresta la fatiga y al tener un sabor dulce y no tener calorías, ayuda a…”

3. Applesauce

Applesauce, or apple puree, has all the sweetness of sugar with all the benefits of fruits. Applesauce can be enjoyed on its own when you want a sweet treat, but it can also be successfully used as a sugar substitute in baking and desserts. You can even use applesauce instead of eggs and get the same pleasant texture in your baked goods.

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To maximize the benefits of applesauce, look for the unsweetened kind, which can be found in baby food aisles. If you want to know for sure what goes into your applesauce, you can easily prepare your own – all you need is a couple of apples and about 30 minutes of your time.

Sometimes you just have to go back to basic recipes. Homemade apple sauce 2/3 cold water 4 cups diced apples 1/4 cup sugar 1 tsp cinnamon In a pot bring all ingredients to a boil then simmer until all apples are soft (about 10 minutes) While it simmered I cover the pot and mix every so often ( every 2-3 minutes). When apples were all soft I put them in my blender and pureed them. Works perfectly! . . . . . #kidscancook #learningwhilecooking #learningcanbeyummy #homemade #fromscratch #frenchmade #applesauce #homemadeapplesauce #ninjablender #ninja #homeschool #lifestyle #lifeskill

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4. Coconut sugar

If you enjoy the taste of regular white sugar but are worried it’s not nutritious enough, you will definitely enjoy putting coconut sugar to good use in your kitchen. One of the biggest benefits of coconut sugar is that it can be used in the same quantities as white sugar, which makes it easier for you to cook like a pro.

On the other hand, coconut sugar has roughly the same calorie count as regular sugar, which means it’s not the best option for those on a diet. The good news is that coconut sugar is unrefined, which means it has kept most of its nutrients and health benefits.

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5. Molasses

Compared to other healthy sugar substitutes, molasses surely looks unusual. This thick, dark-brown liquid looks a lot different to honey, but it is not only equally sweet, but also has a variety of health benefits – most importantly, its high amount of antioxidants.

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Molasses is a popular ingredient of baked goods and desserts thanks to its rich flavour. However, since molasses is made from reduced sugar beet or sugar cane juice, its nutritional composition is similar to sugar, which makes it only slightly better for your health than regular white sugar.

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