Nigerian Silk Styles: Latest Trends And Secrets Of Style

African ladies love to look stylish and exquisite, so they often go for fashionable styles for silk material!

A lot of designers nowadays make fantastic Nigerian silk styles, for instance, Iro and Buba outfits with various sleeve types and different silk Ankara skater dresses, floor-length dresses, tunics and other styles from silk and chiffon fabrics. However, when these fabrics first appeared, many ladies were quite doubtful about the light weight of them.

These latest silk styles we are going to show you look luxurious, gorgeous, feminine and modern!

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1. Silk style: 7 main advantages of Silk

Check out these convincing arguments:

  1. Silk has hypoallergenic properties that by far exceed those of any other fabric;
  2. Silk is great to wear in all seasons since it warms in winter and cools down in the summer heat since it has natural protein structure with temperature-regulating properties;
  3. Silk absorbs moisture excellently and dries fast. It is able to absorb up to 30% of its weight in liquid without being unpleasantly damp.
  4. Silk is delicate but very durable being resistant to dirt and bad smells at the same time;
  5. Silk can be easily dyed, washes great, and can be perfectly used for sewing, weaving, and knitting;
  6. Silk can be mixed with any other animal or plant fibers;
  7. This material offers an amazing variety of wonderful styles for silk fabric!

2. What to make with silk fabric?

Because of the strength, extreme beauty and really luxurious feel, silk is used for creating different variety of clothes:

  • ties;
  • dresses – wedding gowns, evening gowns and sarongs;
  • dress shirts, skirts or scarves;
  • jumpsuits;
  • robes;
  • suits.

3. Silk and chiffon styles

Silk Ankara styles are often made of silk combined with chiffon. This is a see-through, extremely lightweight and delicate fabric with an appealing drape.

Chiffon when combined with silk has a crepe-like texture which is great for clear-cut blouses and dresses. The dresses made from this fabric should always be lined.

Take a look at these latest silk styles!

4. Silk dress styles

There are a very few things in the world that look more gorgeous than a silk dress. You can go for an outstanding Ankara dress, accessorized with a pair of studded earrings, matching bangles, and a timeless clutch!

If you want to incorporate ethnic motifs into your looks, opt for embroidered Bellanaija silk dresses! Select the proper accessories and rock it beautifully!

5. Silk Iro and Buba

Simply check out these styles with silk material!

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