The Hottest Nigerian Jobs Of 2019

The labor market is a very dynamic and rapidly changing system. Today, you hardly can tell with absolute certainty about all the changes over the next 10 years.

If you are in the profession from this list, then any labor exchange will find a good job offer for you, and if you are only choosing your way, then you should definitely take this list of hottest professions in Nigeria in 2019 into account!

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1. Pastor

Religious leaders have always been adored by Nigerians, and today is no exception. The pastor is the authority that leads the masses. They are idealized and listened carefully and unquestioningly.

A novice pastor can earn up to N5 million today, and a famous pastor with experience and a good track record can easily make 9 times more!

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

2. Surgeon

Surgery is one of the most labor-intensive, complex and responsible sections of medicine. This specialty involves the conduct of surgical interventions of various complexity.

If the surgeon wants to build a successful career, then it is extremely important for him to develop so-called «soft skills». If you want to achieve success in this field, then focusing on tasks, speed of reaction, attentiveness to small things and a good memory are extremely important skills to develop.

Since people literally put their lives in the hands of the surgeon, this work is paid quite high – about N11 million.

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

3. Telecoms engineer

In the age of technologies, when Digital television, the Internet and mobile communications have displaced the good old radio and landline phone, and the telecoms engineer became one of the most demanded profession. We can say for sure that the guys who are in this profession never regret their choice!

Communication and telecommunications engineers are on high demand in any modern organization where at least a few dozen people work.

Telecom engineer’s salary ranges from N500K to N2.5 million and higher.

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

4. Musician

Working in the entertainment sector always brings a good income, and, in this regard, Nigeria is no exception. These people provide our full-fledged cultural leisure, make us happier and sometimes even change our way of thinking, just like the religious leaders!

The salary is quite decent: from N600K to N2 million for our unforgettable events.

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

5. Programmers

Everything you have when you work on your computer or just have fun using your mobile or tablet was once created by the skillful programmers! Rich functionality, picture quality, the ability to surf the Web is the result of many years of intense development of this profession.

New software versions are released almost every month, device specifications are updated, and information technology specialists should always be aware of these changes. Therefore, the ability to learn is one of the main skills that a programmer must possess.

That is one of the reasons why the programmers get about N5 million yearly.

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

6. CEO/business mogul

CEO has such responsibilities as the planning, development, and implementation of strategic plans for the company, the organization of economically sound business activities. CEO is also responsible for day-to-day operations, organization of business meetings.

Generally, the CEO is the company. These guys are equally rewarded for the golden crown they wear. Median Salary of a CEO is about N40 million.

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

7. Aeronautic  engineer

An aeronautical engineer is a professional who is engaged in the design and engineering of aviation and space technology, take-off and landing stations, structures and research centers.

Such a specialist, as a rule, is well versed in the design of various aircraft and knows the features of the operation of all their components. In addition, the profession of an aeronautical engineer usually provides for a narrow specialization. This is due to a wide range of work performed by engineers, as well as the need for its, particularly careful and scrupulous implementation.

At the moment, many scientists are predicting the large-scale development of aerospace engineering.

The lives and safety of everyday traveler depend on aeronautic engineers, so they get up to N11 million.

The hottest Nigerian jobs of 2019

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