How To Have A Great Wedding On A Budget

Many girls dream about a ten-layer cake, a magnificent floor-length dress, and a location that looks like a castle since childhood, it doesn’t mean that spending more than you can afford on something like that is a good idea. But it doesn’t mean you should forget about the wedding of your dream.

Nowadays, the question “How to plan a wedding on a small budget?” doesn’t cause much trouble. There are numerous tips on how to decorate a wedding reception hall on a budget and how to come up with wedding planning cheap budget ideas. We’ve collected some that can be helpful.

wedding checklist

How to plan a wedding on a small budget in 6 months (or even less)

Decide on a budget. Before you start planning, set clear financial limits. The precise amount you are ready to spend will be the starting point for all your plans. From this moment on, a wedding checklist will be your best friend.

Set the priorities. You can easily lose the track of time when picking a pattern for napkins instead of creating a guest list or choosing a location. Prepare a wedding planning list that will cover all stages step by step.

Create guest list smartly. Invite only the closest ones. It will create a pleasant atmosphere and help you spend less on rent and treats.

Choose a theme. Wedding ideas on a budget don’t have to affect the aesthetics. Choose the color theme or a topic for the ceremony, it will make easier to decide upon all the rest.

Find cool DIY ideas. You will be surprised how ordinary things like jars, candles, beads, etc. can be used to make cheap wedding decorations that look expensive. Start with digital invitations instead of paper ones and then find some time for arts and crafts.

Consider low-season wedding. Late spring, summer, and early autumn are the most popular times for weddings. Prices for everything go up – photoshoots, video production, wedding bands, wedding halls rent. A winter wedding, on the contrary, will help to avoid upcharges.

Find a used dress. Every bride wears a wedding dress neatly and takes good care of it. This is why buying a gown from someone or rent is a good idea. You can wear it as it is or change the design a bit.

wedding checklist

Buy universal accessories. Shoes, tie, necklace, earrings, jackets – don’t buy anything you don’t plan to wear later. It might not be the economy literally, but at least you don’t have to spend money on these things later.

Banquet alternatives. A classic feast can be quite costly, but you can choose a different format of a banquet – a barbeque, a picnic, a drink reception, a wine and brie session, etc. Adjust the dress code for the banquet and notify your guests.

Rent and ask for discounts. If you like something much but don’t intend to use it twice, find a place to rent it. Besides a dress, you can find decorations and photo zones. And you may be surprised how many people will be willing to provide discounts if you ask.

Things you can go without

  • wedding agency;
  • little-known guests;
  • paper invitations;
  • slap-up foods;
  • limo;
  • fireworks;
  • multi-layered cake;
  • tuxedo;
  • designer dress;
  • expensive jewelry;
  • souvenirs for guests.

Things you can’t go without

  • rings;
  • photos;
  • music;
  • makeup and hairstyle;
  • invitations;
  • closest people.

Cheap but classy wedding reception ideas

wedding checklist

Vacation home or private estate. A nice cottage in the countryside, a house in the woods, or simply a cozy home outside the city is a perfect location for a dream wedding. It will fit perfectly both to your Cinderella dress and casual outfit. It will create a welcoming family atmosphere.

Backyard. Home is the first idea that comes to mind when you start thinking about a budget wedding location. If you have a backyard spacious enough to host your friends and family, you don’t have to bother your head about the location.

Park or garden. If you don’t mind to give up some privacy, a botanical garden or a central city park is a good place to invite your guests for celebrating a wedding day. Just find out about the noise and drinking restrictions to avoid troubles with the law.

Coffee shop. Maybe there is a special place you like to visit? Choose a coffee shop, and you won’t need to change a menu or decorations. Discuss the details with the owner, maybe don’t rent it fully and share your special day with frequent visitors.

Seaside. If you live by the sea, you are really lucky. And yes, it’ll be a perfect location for a wedding party – a little windy, but scenic. Just find a nice place that is not overcrowded and send GPS location with the invitation.