How To Start A Successful YouTube Channel In 9 Easy Steps

Today, everyone is dying to find out how to start a successful YouTube channel

YouTube’s audience, according to the most conservative estimates, exceeded 800 million viewers and, of course, the service became a Klondike for those who want to realize their creative and business potential.

More and more users are interested in how to make money on YouTube. Moreover, this business idea does not require any/huge investments, except than intellectual ones.

Now, we’ll explain the approximate work plan that will show you how to create a YouTube channel and make money!

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1. How to create a YouTube channel, Stage 1. Choosing a niche and analyzing the topic of the channel

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  • Study channel topics.
  • Select multiple themes for which you will make videos.
  • Analyze the topic you have chosen – is it interesting and relevant to YouTube viewers.
  • Determine your target audience.
  • Study your competitors.
  • Draw up an approximate structure of your niche.

How to Find Your Niche and Stand Out on YouTube

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2. How to open a YouTube channel, Stage 2. Monetization

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Some people will say that when you are just starting your channel, it is not the time to plan your future earnings, but we do not think so.

The success of any project depends on how much money it brings. And the more it brings, the more is the desire of the owners to make high-quality and useful content for their viewers!


  • Learn about all the ways to make money on YouTube.
  • Search for what you can monetize your niche with.
  • Consider various ways to earn as competitive channels use.
  • Make a list of affiliate programs related to your topic.

How To Monetize Your YouTube Videos In 2019 – 3 Easy Steps

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3. How to make a YouTube channel, Stage 3. Content plan

  • Analyze the content plans examples.
  • Make a list of at least 100 ideas for videos.


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4. How to start a YouTube channel for beginners, Step 4. Create and configure the channel

  • Create a channel on YouTube.
  • Set it up for your needs.
  • Optimize your channel.

How to Start a Youtube Channel: Step-by-Step for Beginners

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5. How to create a YouTube channel, Stage 5. Design

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  • Order the header design on YouTube or from an independent designer.
  • Study the ways and secrets of creating screensavers for video.
  • Order design templates for the video or create them yourself.

HOW TO REDESIGN YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL Graphic Design Tutorial | @karenkavett

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6. How to open a YouTube channel, Stage 6. Video recording and editing

This is generally a matter of a separate talk that requires constant development and improvement:

  • Learn to shoot a live video.
  • Learn to shoot screencasts.
  • Learn how to make at least a simple installation of captured video.
  • Select and purchase of good equipment.

How to Make A YouTube Video

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7. How to create a YouTube channel, Stage 7. Video loading and optimization

  • Learn to upload videos to the channel.
  • Explore video optimization options (collection of requests, drawing captions, tags, description, etc.).

How to Optimize Your YouTube Video for Search

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8. How to start a YouTube channel for beginners, Stage 8. Tracking Results

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  • Learn how to conduct monthly digitization.
  • Understand YouTube analytics features.

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9. How to create a YouTube channel, Stage 9. Promotion and advertising

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Explore free and paid ways to promote your YouTube channel.

Provide some funds for advertising.

How to Promote Your YouTube Channel – 5 Free Ways

Learn how to promote your YouTube channel in 5 different ways. Promoting your YouTube channel can be confusing so in this video, I share five different things you can do to get your channel noticed.

In order to check out if it if your calling, you need to record and post at least 100 videos per channel. Many guys shoot 1-2 videos, see that things aren’t moving and quit the game. But if you want to achieve success keep trying!

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