What Class Of Food Is Plantain?

What class of food is plantain? Plantain is the «starchy» brother of the dessert banana that we all know and like! Usually, you have to cook it before eating.

Ripe plantains are usually black or brown, you have to peel them in the same way as usual bananas. Unripe plantains are cleaned with a knife or steamed so that it will be easier to peel them.

Let’s check out what class of food is unripe plantain, find out its nutritional value and learn some amazing plantain recipes!

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what is plantain

1. What is plantain

Plantains belong to the bananas class, and they are closely related to usual, dessert bananas, but at the same time they have significant differences, so, in fact, plantains are used in an unusual way.

Plantains were artificially bred by hybridizing two wild banana species, Musa acuminate Colla and Musa balbsiana Colla, and were distributed in order to increase the amount of highly carbohydrate foods in poor tropical regions.

is plantain a vegetable

2. Is plantain a fruit, or is plantain a vegetable?

A plantain (or simply a cooking banana) is classified as a fruit. The banana-like fruit is popular in Latin America, Caribbean, and Asian countries and can be cooked in several ways.

is plantain a vegetable

3. Nutritional value of plantain

Plantains have an increased calorie content compared to sweet bananas: 100 grams of their pulp contains about 122 Kcal, with a caloric content of 89 Kcal in dessert types.

Plantain nutrition facts are surprising: 100 grams of plantains contain up to 2.5 grams of dietary fiber necessary for the normal functioning of the intestines. Fresh fruits contain more vitamin C than dessert bananas – up to 18.5 mg per 100 grams, which is about 30% of the daily requirement for an adult.

Eating foods rich in vitamin C stimulates the immune system, increases resistance to infectious diseases, neutralizes free radicals.

plantain nutrition facts

4. Banana classification

What Is the Scientific Classification for Banana Plants?

What Is the Scientific Classification for Banana Plants?. Bananas are herbaceous plants native to tropical Southeast Asia. Banana plants produce the seedless banana fruit, valued worldwide for its sweet taste, sticky texture and high vitamin content. Despite their tree-like appearance, banana plants are scientifically classified as herbs.

5. Benefits of plantains

Plantain is a very good remedy for:

  • curing anemia;
  • reducing blood pressure;
  • curing edema;
  • curing heart disease;
  • curing gastritis;
  • eliminating heartburn;
  • eliminating constipation.

Also, Serotonin, the «hormone of joy», that contains in plantains suppresses depression, improves mood, reduces fatigue.

what class of food is plantain

6. Six yummy plantain recipes

6 Delicious Plantain Recipes

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