12 Best And 5 Worst Oils For Your Health

“Why so many? They aren’t good for health!” – that’s what the majority thinks when clicking on a headline, but that’s not quite true. Vegetable oils help to digest vitamins, have a good effect on nervous system, brain, and skin. Besides, we are going to tell about some aroma oils, too.

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Best oils for cooking

Everyone knows that fried food isn’t healthy, but let’s be honest: it is almost impossible to avoid. Thus, the best decision is to make it the least harmful you can. If you buy oil with useful properties, you can enjoy fried foods without remorse. Here are some options to consider.

best oils for your health

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#1. Olive oil

Pay attention to the acidic aspect, it is always indicated on the label. The lower it is, the better is the oil quality. Try to choose something up to 0.8%. Olive oil is enriched with oleic acid and practically doesn’t produce cancerogenes. Use it for both salads and frying.

#2. Wine-stone oil

The investigations show that the chemical composition of wine-stone oil can cause scheduled cell death – the process that initiates self-destruction and liquidation of damaged cells in various body systems. Thus, the affected liver can reproduce cells actively, and you also get to prevent several kinds of cancer.

#3. Avocado oil

Similarly to olive oil, it is rich in oleic acid, which prevents breast cancer, and beta-sitosterol, which normalizes the cholesterol level. Avocado oil contains approximately 20 useful substances, including potassium, vitamin E, group B vitamins, and folic acid. Besides, it has a pleasant taste.

#4. Flax oil

It contains twice as many useful unsaturated acids than cod liver oil. It is especially recommended for people who don’t eat fish. Flax oil ads great flavour and taste to porridges and vegetable salads. Just remember not to heat flax oil – heating destroys all the useful properties.

#5. Corn oil

It regulates cholesterol level better than any other oil. Flax oil also participates in the process of breakdown of harmful solid fats. It also contains the derivatives of phosphorus – phospholipids, which are very useful for brainwork, and nicotinic acid (PP vitamin), which regulates cardiaс conduction.

#6. Walnut oil

The nutritional value of walnuts is equal to the value of milk, meat, and mushrooms. The oil made of walnuts is even more useful, but only the cold pressed oil is used for cooking. The oil is free of coarse fibers with a high amount of tanning substances and doesn’t interfere with liver functioning.

Best aroma oils

The first thing that comes to mind when you hear about these oils is aromatherapy. However, their uses are much more diverse. These oils can cure serious diseases more effectively than you may suppose. Consider adding some of the substances listed below to your medicine box.

best oils for your health

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#1. Cineol

Eucalypt is useful for treating diseases of upper respiratory airway. Moreover, it is a natural antiseptic, which can kill bacteria on surfaces and in the air. This aroma oil can be also used for the treatment of muscle pains, dealing with mental fatigue, and curing wounds.

#2. Lavandula angustifolia

Many people like lavender for the pleasant smell. The aroma oil made of lavender helps to relax. It also cures scratches and burn wounds and is suitable for all skin types. You can use this oil when you take a bath or just rub into skin.

#3. Rosemary oil

Rosemary is a physical and emotional stimulator; you can use for bathing or add some drops into a diffuser. It also has antibacterial properties and can be used in homemade detergents. The healing properties of rosemary make this oil useful for people with arthritis and widely used in massage oils.

#4. Peppermint oil

Mint tea is used for normalizing the digestion, dealing with nausea and heartburn. Take some with you when going on vacation or on a long drive – it’ll help to handle travel sickness. Mint is a natural stimulator that will make you feel happier, and it is a good insect repellent.

#5. Thyme oil

Thyme has a powerful antivirus and antiseptic effect. It is an effective antibiotic and possesses diuretic properties. It cleans the body from toxins, helps to get rid of uric acid that causes podagra and arthritis. It also stimulates blood circulation, boosts metabolism, and normalizes the functions of digestive and nervous systems.

#6. Melaleuca oil

Also known as tea olive, this plant has outstanding antibiotic, antivirus, and antifungal properties. Use it locally as a natural disinfectant to cure small wounds and prevent inflammation. Melaleuca oil is also used in steam inhalation and helps to cure a running nose.

Top dangerous oils you should avoid

worst oils for your health

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Palm oil is at the top of the list. You can find it in the composition of diverse products, especially sweets that look so attractive on the supermarket shelves, in detergents, and makeup products. The World Health Organization, however, demands to ban this product until 2023.

Palm oil is a sort of transfats tied to the wide range of health issues, including high cholesterol levels and heart diseases. It is already used almost in half of the foods produced worldwide, and the usage is expected to grow if the regulatory bodies don’t introduce measures.

People who consume products with palm oil aren’t the only ones who suffer from this. Oil palms are planted in lowlands, where tropical forests and walley fans are located. The cultivation leads to the creation of so-called “green deserts,” where many species aren’t able to survive.

Don’t use these in your beauty routine

  • Flax oil is good for cooking, but applying this oil on the skin will result in clogged pores, inflammations, and lack of nutrients that keep skin healthy.
  • Cocoa oil creates a slick that doesn’t let your skin breathe. It results in pimples, edema, and inflammations.
  • Coconut oil is dangerous for combined and oily skin. It results in clogged pores, dehydrated skin, and the range of problems these two issues cause.
  • Wheat germ oil makes the skin dry, unhealthy, and gradually leads to the formation of comedones and edema.

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