How To Quickly Climb The Career Ladder

How to climb the ladder at work is a question that bothers almost everyone, but the majority is still not tough enough to pursue their dreams and take actions. While some decide to overcome all obstacles during climbing the corporate ladder in heels, the others give up without trying.

When you decide to find out how to climb the corporate ladder fast, you start preparing for a lot of hard work and making hard choices. If you aren’t one of a million lucky ones who get successful by accident, get ready to become a better version of yourself.

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how to climb the ladder at work

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#1. Be persistent

It may take different time to get from an ordinary worker to occupying a managing position, but it is always a lot of effort. The harder you work, the higher are your chances to get a promotion. You learn information and acquire necessary skills faster, and become qualified to occupy the position as soon as it is opened.

#2. Be a leader

Being best at what you do is one of the secrets of how to climb the corporate ladder fast. This guarantees that your boss, HR manager, or someone else responsible for the promotion will notice you and offer a better job position. Be the first to learn new things and establish connections with other people.

#3. Be yourself

This sounds more like advice for a person who is going through the crisis, but individuality influences career growth in many ways. You can learn things from experienced workers, follow good examples, but interpreting this knowledge and using everything you’ve learned in your own way is much more effective than copying someone.

#4. Be ready to changes

The world is evolving too fast. Some knowledge becomes outdated less than in a year, forcing you to review the previous strategies, reconsider your plans, and come up with new ideas that will correspond to the current demands of the market.

#5. Be ready for taking risks

If you stay in your comfort zone, you will feel more confident and, well, comfortable, but you’ll miss the opportunities that arise from challenges. Be ready to change a job, to move to another city, to offer unpredictable solutions, to deal with several refusals before everything goes your way.

#6. Be confident

Even when you understand the risk and calculate the probability of success properly, you should believe in what you do. Self-doubt is poisoning, and it may be the main reason for failure. It prevents you from working 100% effectively. Risky plans should inspire you, not make you frightened.

how to climb the ladder at work

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#7. Be productive

Being productive doesn’t mean being busy. The success doesn’t come just because you work on something; it comes because you work well and move in the right direction. Use your time effectively, avoid distractions, procrastination, and things that don’t benefit you. Find time for some rest and recharging.

#8. Surround yourself with good people

It is easier to become a better version of yourself when people in your team teach and inspire you. You should isolate yourself from people who let you down, make you feel miserable and doubt your decisions. It may be difficult to admit that you need to part ways with a person you know for a while, be brave and do it.

#9. Don’t think about yourself in a negative way

The more attention you devote to negative thoughts, the less productive you become. The majority of these ideas aren’t even based on facts – just on guesses and interpretation of other people’s behaviours and attitudes. Remember that not everyone is cheering up for you, so appeal to facts, not other people’s words, most likely, they are subjective and often irrelevant.

#10. Avoid “what if” questions

It just causes stress, makes you nervous, causes those self-doubts we already agreed to avoid. There are hundreds if not thousands of scenarios of how the things will go. You aren’t able to predict even 1/10 of all the possible cases. Plan your actions based on facts, not guesses or fantasies.

#11. Relish little victories

Small achievements may seem insignificant, but they are a part of a bigger picture. Without these little steps, achieving something big will be impossible. Every achievement should be properly acknowledged so you can get motivation for the next stage and feel more confident.

#12. Don’t try to be perfect

There is no such thing as “perfect,” it is an abstract value. You are allowed to make mistakes – everyone does. Keep realistic expectation, and you won’t be disappointed when something doesn’t happen immediately or magically the way it does in a good inspiring movie.

#13. Focus on making decisions

The things you focus on define your emotional condition and programs your actions. If you think about problems too much, it will cause nothing but more problems. If you focus on actions that lead to the desired result, you’ll be able to control your reality.

how to climb the ladder at work

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#14. Follow these recommendations

You shouldn’t pick just one or two. It is important to follow all of them at once. Write them down on a piece of paper and pin under your desktop, save in notes on your phone and set daily notifications, repeat as a daily mantra. Just use the advice you’ve been looking for.

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