Ankara Skirt And Blouse Styles 2019: The Newest collection!

If a special occasion is coming, or you just want to go out with friends on a casual day and look amazing, Ankara shirt & blouse designs id the best option you can pick!

The latest Ankara skirt and blouse styles 2019 can really make you stand out from the crowd!

Check out these top 15 Ankara skirt and blouse styles 2019!

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1. Edgy blouse & skirt

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This is a stunning look, isn’t it?

The off shoulder design and split. In combination with the cutting edges of this blouse really rock!

2. Short dress & flappy sleeves

This elegant and sensational look is definitely made for parties!

3. Seductive Ankara tub & puffy sleeves

This dress looks quite classy, isn’t it? It is designed for those ladies who love to always look hot and sexy!

4. Off-shoulder Ankara jumpsuit

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One of the amazing modern trends gives you a unique, tremendous appeal!

5. A simple dress with flappy sleeves

This is a quite uncomplicated yet fashionable look. With this belt, it gives you a super-trendy style!

6. Long tub gown with layers

This style looks modern and completely stunning. It is so elegant that suits for attending a wedding!

And, of course, it is the perfect choice for a cocktail party!

7. Dress with tiny straps & flays

This is a great option for hot summer days: this dress is short, it is simple and it looks elegant. But the most important thing is that it is extremely comfortable and suitable for any figure type!

8. Ankara petite skirt & blouse

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This style looks fantastic, isn’t it?  It is designed to impress with its creativity and it feels so comfy wearing it!

9. Double hand dress with straight split

If you are a real fashionista, you will definitely add this amazing gown into your wardrobe. This look definitely shows high-class and looks adorable.

10. Ankara jumpsuit combo

We have just two words to describe this look – wow and impressive!

Various shades are combined in this look. The puffy sleeves of this jumpsuit look really interesting. You can rock this outfit anywhere!

11. Flamingo Gown

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This gown suits for any occasion, and you can create unique, stunning looks, adding various elements to this dress!

12. Simple Elegant Dress

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, and this phrase perfectly describes this summer look!

13. Stylish Ankara dress with flay designs

This dress was designed to look like a skirt & blouse! The flay design of the front side creates an uncomplicated, classy look.

14. One-shoulder Ankara blouse & pencil skirt

The pencil skirt is one of the most popular and stylish outfits for creating a trendy formal look.

You can combine this skirt with a clean white stylish blouse, add a statement handbag and create an absolutely gorgeous look.

15. Off-shoulder Ankara blouse & frilled skirt

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This Ankara skirt adds pure colors to your look and, combined with the with contrasting accessories,  it will make you look like a diva!

2019 Ankara Skirt and Blouse Styles Stunningly Cute Styles for Beautiful Ladies

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