How To Travel With Just One Carry-On Bag

Summer is the perfect time for a vacation, and many Nigerians choose to fly overseas for their trip. Plane tickets can be rather expensive, but there is one way to score a lower price. Travelling with just a carry-on bag is not only financially smart, but also saves you time while packing and handling your baggage at the airport. Find out how to travel with just one carry-on bag right now!

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1. Benefits of travelling with a carry-on bag

Most of us are used to packing a huge suitcase whenever we go on a long trip, but the truth is that there are numerous benefits to travelling with a small carry-on bag that you can fit in the overhead compartment:

  • You get to save money by travelling without checked-in baggage.
  • The more bags and suitcases you have, the bigger the chance that one of them gets lost or stolen.
  • Packing and unpacking a small bag is much easier than doing it with a suitcase.
  • Without checked-in bags, you can board the plane faster and leave the airport immediately after the plane lands.
  • If you travel with children, you can dedicate 100% of your attention to them without caring about your luggage.

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2. Top 5 tips for travelling with a carry-on bag

With these 5 tips, your hassle-free travelling experience can finally begin!

1. Pick the right bag

There are two basic options if you want to travel with a carry-on: a duffel bag and a hard-shell small suitcase. Both options are great for different situations, but a duffel bag is more versatile and easy to carry. Some of the most successful carry-on travellers manage to fly with nothing but a large backpack, but this option is better suited for weekend getaways rather than a two-week vacation.

How to travel with just one carry-on bag

2. Study airline regulations

After you’ve booked your flight, make sure to visit the airline’s website and carefully review their policies regarding luggage. Some budget airlines have very strict regulations: if your carry-on bag is heavier or larger than they allow, you will need to pay a fee right at the gate. Moreover, while some airlines allow you to have an additional backpack or purse, some have a strict one-bag-per-person policy, and it’s definitely something you should know in advance.

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How to travel with just one carry-on bag

3. Focus on your bag

When you are packing a big suitcase, your natural instinct is to place the things in a pile and then transfer it to the suitcase, expecting it all to fit in. With a carry-on bag, your approach needs to be different. Everything you want to take with you should go directly into the bag. Only then you will be able to timely notice that you’ve run out of space and made appropriate changes.

How to travel with just one carry-on bag

4. Pack only the essentials

This advice may seem obvious, but when you only have a carry-on bag, you need to take only the things you can’t live without. Depending on the type of your trip, you may need a swimsuit, hat, hiking boots and gear, etc. Other travel essentials include documents, devices and chargers, medications, skin care, and underwear. It means the space for your clothes will be limited at best.

How to travel with just one carry-on bag

5. Consider shopping on arrival

Some of the things we are used to carrying in our luggage can be easily purchased when you arrive at your destination. For example, airlines have a strict limitation on liquids you can bring into the plane, but you can buy a shampoo and shower gel when you arrive and simply throw out the leftovers when you leave. The same goes for sunscreen, beach slippers, and some other vacation items.

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