Bridal Shower Outfit Ideas

The tradition of the bridal shower may not be the oldest one in the Nigerian wedding scene, but thousands of Nigerian brides and bridesmaids take it very seriously. One of the most important aspects of preparing for a bridal shower is the outfits. Check out 15 best bridal shower outfit ideas to try!

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1. Idea #1

If you love Ankara or other native styles, a bridal shower is a perfect time to show off your favourite style! Bridal shower dresses made from Ankara are ideal for every occasion and give you plenty of freedom for designing the looks.

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2. Idea #2

A satin bathrobe is one of the most popular bridal shower dress ideas. These events often have an intimate feeling, and a silky bathrobe is a great way to highlight it. Making the bride’s white robe stand out from the blue robes of the bridesmaids is a very smart idea.

3. Idea #3

If you don’t have a traditional taste for wedding wear, you can swap the classic bridal shower dresses and bathrobes for the comfortable and quirky jumpsuits. Play with patterns, colour combination, and shapes for a stunning look!

4. Idea #4

The next look flawlessly demonstrates how you can carry out the same bridal shower colour theme without going for identical dresses. You can easily tell who the star of the event is, and that’s the most important thing.

5. Idea #5

Everyone will expect the bride to wear white for her bridal shower, so a cool way to subvert expectations is to put the rest of the bridal party into white and make the bride stand out by letting her wear a contrasting outfit.

6. Idea #6

If the bridesmaids are really happy for the bride and want to show it, they can wear matching t-shirts that spell out the bride’s name. It’s a cute idea that can be easily recreated with some blank white t-shirts and black marker pens.

7. Idea #7

If the theme of your bridal shower is anything to do with childhood and youth, you can’t go wrong with a tutu. These colourful tutus with matching white tank tops can easily tell everyone what kind of event you are celebrating.

8. Idea #8

If you are not the biggest fan of the classic sating white robe for the bridal shower, here is an idea for you: these sultry lace robes feel both intimate, sexy, and perfectly appropriate for the occasion.

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9. Idea #9

On the other hand, there is nothing wrong with going for the traditional white satin robe, although you can still ad a little twist – the shoulder cutouts elevate the whole look and make it far more interesting.

10. Idea #10

The best thing about the next bridal shower outfit idea is how the two fabrics look both different and similar. The similar pattern that is carried in different colours is a great way to unify the bridesmaids and make fantastic bridal shower photos.

11. Idea #11

How about a pool-themed bridal party? With matching white swimsuits, sunglasses, and hair towels, no one will be able to ignore your fabulous bridal squad.

12. Idea #12

Pair your love for native Kente fabric with white themed t-shirts and get a bridal shower outfit that is not only a perfect choice for the event, but is also a homage to your roots.

13. Idea #13

Who said a bridal shower outfit should exclusively be a dress? This gorgeous bridal shower opted for a swimsuit yacht party with matching straw hats with their names on them.

14. Idea #14

If your bridal squad is daring and strong, black dresses with individual designs are definitely something you need to consider. The bride’s camouflage dress is equally impressive.

15. Idea #15

A bridal shower plus a pyjama party equal an event that will be remembered for ages, and matching satin pyjamas are a great option for this occasion.

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