Must Have Bridal Accessories For Every Bride

Any bride understands the importance of a flawless wedding look and knows what her wedding dress will look like years before the ceremony. However, there are several essential accessories that complete the bride’s outfit. Here is every accessory you’ll need for your bridal look.

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1. Shoes

Not every bride knows that you need to choose your bridal shoes before the first wedding dress fitting – your tailor needs to know how long the hem of the dress should be. The variety of wedding shoes is nearly endless and there is a perfect pair for every bride.

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Most brides prefer stiletto heels for their wedding look, but you don’t need to go for the classic white or silver pump. Adding a pop of colour with bright shoes is very popular among brides right now. You can also consider wedge shoes or sandals if you are having an outside wedding, or cute flats if you decide not to stick to the tradition.

2. Hair accessories

Very few brides come to their own weddings with absolutely nothing in their hair. You can wear your hair up, down, or anywhere in between, but a striking hair accessory is an absolute must-have for any bride.

The most common bridal hair accessory is, of course, a veil. Veils have been worn by brides for centuries, but they are in no way mandatory. If you have a more modern taste in bridal wear, you can go for a floral crown, a single flower, a tiara, a crystal hairpiece, a cute headband or hair pins, or even a stylish fascinator.

3. Clutch bag

When you’re walking down the isle, your hands will probably be busy carrying the bouquet, but at any other time, you will need a clutch bag to carry your wedding day essentials. You will need a place to store your mobile phone, lipstick, powder, a handkerchief, and anything else you think is important.

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Your wedding clutch bag does not need to be big, but it does need to have a bridal feel. Opt for a light-coloured clutch decorated with rhinestones or other striking design accents.

4. Lingerie

Even though your lingerie is something only you and your husband will see, it is very important to wear a brand new set of lingerie on your wedding day. Most bridal lingerie sets come in white colour and consist of a bra or undergarments and panties, although you can experiment with colours and add something like a bridal garter for a cute node to the tradition.

5. Jewelry

Obviously, the most essential piece you are going to wear on your wedding day is a wedding ring. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot wear some new striking jewelry. Wedding stylists do not recommend wearing other rings since they can overshadow the most important ring on your finger.

Most brides go for a combination of earrings and necklace, although, if your wedding gown has an intricate neckline, a necklace can pull the focus off the design of the dress. In that case, you can wear some gorgeous bridal earrings with a matching bracelet. Crystals and pearls are particularly popular wedding jewelry choices.

6. Jacket

Your wedding day will last until late night, and at that point, it might get chilly. That is why you always need to bring some kind of cover for your wedding look. Most brides go for a beautiful wedding jacket, but there are other options – for example, a shawl, a cape, or even a faux fur wrap for extra cold weather.

7. Gloves

Gloves are not a mandatory part of any bridal look. In fact, more and more brides choose more modern wedding outfits that do not include gloves. However, if you are going for a classic vintage bridal look, a pair of white satin or lace, possibly with rhinestone or pearl decorations, is a true must-have.

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