The Best Clothing Colours For Your Skin Tone

There are many factors influencing the choice of colours in your wardrobe, but, aside from your personal preferences, trends, and fashion magazine advice, there is at least one more factor to take into account. Various skin tones look different when paired with various clothing colours. Find out which colours in clothing to choose for your skin tone!

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1. How to know your skin tone

If you have never tried to pick clothes according to your skin tone, you may not actually know what your skin tone is. Luckily, there are a few surefire ways to know your skin tone in a matter of minutes:

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  • Look at the veins on your wrist. If the veins are green, it means that you have a warm skin tone. If the veins appear blue or purple, your skin tone is likely cool.
  • Find an area with good lighting and take a deep look at the skin on your arms. If you are noticing a peach, gold, or yellow undertone, it means your skin is warm. Pink, blue, or red undertones mean you have cool-toned skin.
  • Check your eye and hair colour. People with warm-toned skin will have eyes with golden flecks and golden or red undertones in their hair. If you have cool skin tone, you will notice cooler eye tones and ashy hair.
  • Find your celebrity match. Check out some photos of your favourite celebrities and make a note whenever anyone has a similar skin tone to you. Clothing colours that look good on them will likely look good on you too.

2. Medium skin

If your skin is not too dark and not too light, you have plenty of freedom in choosing the colours to wear. You are actually rather lucky, as you can wear dark and bold colours in clothes without looking washed out.

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The best colours for your skin tone include royal blue, pink, cranberry, olive, mustard, purple, and forest green. The best thing about those colours is that they don’t just look amazing on their own, but can be easily paired for exquisite combinations.

3. Dark skin

Both cool and warm-toned ladies with dark skin should include more striking and bold colours into their wardrobe. They look fantastic in classic colours like black and white, but they can try dozens of colours to a great effect.

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Some of the most popular clothing colours for dark skin tones include jewel tones. In addition to them, you can also wear deep ruby and plum, as well as fun summer colours, including pink, orange, and yellow. Most of these colours can be successfully paired with each other.

4. Deep skin

The rich chocolate tones of deep skin look stunning with so many colours, although some shades subdue the glow of your skin and give you an ashy undertone. Like the dark-skinned ladies, you would look simply fabulous in black and white.

Other beautiful colours to add to your wardrobe include, once again, jewel tones that bring out the best in your skin. You can also wear more royal blue, blush, and yellow, while fuchsia and magenta are the perfect colours to wear on special occasions.

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