All The Most Fashionable ‘One Dress, Three Ways’ You Will See

These days, sustainability and responsible consumption are two of the biggest trends in fashion. You no longer need to own dozens of different pieces to look good because there are many ways to use the pieces you already have in stunning looks. Check out 7 best iterations of the One Dress, Three Ways trend!

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1. Look #1

Ankara is already a very versatile fabric, so it makes perfect sense that a single Ankara dress can be worn in at least three gorgeous ways. With just one Ankara gown, you can create a week’s worth of trendy looks and never look the same. Add different shoes and accessories to create even more beautiful combinations!

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2. Look #2

Here is a great idea of how a single dress can be used in both casual and office wardrobe. In the first iteration, with a crisp white shirt, it makes the ideal work outfit, while the second and third looks allow you to show off your incomparable fashion sense and ability to create striking combinations.

3. Look #3

How many ways to style a simple short Ankara dress do you know? Here are at least 3 to add to your collection! On its own, it’s a perfect outfit for a relaxed day out. With a belt, it’s a great way to highlight your hourglass shape. And with a leather jacket, it’s a way to demonstrate your inner fierce fashionista.

4. Look #4

This charming A-line dress looks very comfortable, but its main advantage is its amazing versatility. It can be paired not only with a cute sweater for a trendy office look, but also with a leather jacket and a pair of black skinny jeans if you want to flaunt some punk rock chic.

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5. Look #5

We fell in love with the whimsical pattern of this dress the second we saw it, but the way this fashionista styled her 3 looks is even more amazing. Each of those looks serves its purpose and is styled to perfection, but we are absolutely mesmerized by the second look with the impossibly elegant coat.

6. Look #6

A black maxi dress is considered to be one of the staples in a modern woman’s wardrobe, but the most popular ways to style it are also not very exciting. Luckily, that is not the case with this lady, who knows the perfect way to make her maxi gown shine. The unusual footwear choices and the killer accessories are what makes each of these 3 looks stunning.

7. Look #7

This lady is here to show us that you don’t need any crazy wardrobe details or accessories to make your look stand out. Even on its own, this mini printed dress is very cute, but when worn with different jackets and belts, it looks completely different but still very fashionable and adorable.

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