5 Instagram Worthy Restaurants In Nigeria

The internet culture changed the way we do most everyday things, including going out to eat. Today, we want not only the food to taste great, but the place to be worthy of a spot on our Instagram feed. These 5 Nigerian restaurants will make your Instagram posts truly stand out!

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1. Shiro, Lagos

Shiro is a Pan-Asian restaurant in Lagos that is known not only for its exquisite cuisine, but also for its outstanding design. At first, you may feel overwhelmed after entering Shiro simply because its design can be best described as grand.

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However, once you get used to the unusual design choices, you start seeing why this restaurant is not just a popular destination for Asian cuisine, but also a top spot in the Instagram feeds of Nigerian foodies and socialites.

2. The Jazzhole, Lagos

The Jazzhole isn’t a restaurant as you are imagining it – here you won’t find white linens and uniform-clad waiters. Instead, The Jazzhole offers an experience that transcends fine dining and Instagram trends but would still look incredibly cool on your Instagram page.

The Jazzhole is more than a restaurant – it’s a record store, a book store, and a top destination for anyone who considers themselves to be hip and ahead of the culture. You can try over 40 varieties of tea, as well as the famous sandwiches and cakes.

3. 788 On The Sea, Lagos

788 On The Sea in Lekki, Lagos, has repeatedly been named one of the best spots for a romantic date in the city. It’s also one of the most expensive restaurants on our list, but once you step into the refined interior of 788 On The Sea, you’ll know why.

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788 On The Sea is one of the few Lagos restaurants that offers a stunning view of the sea. If you close your eyes for a minute, you can easily imagine yourself being on a ship in the open waters. The Mediterranean cuisine will definitely satisfy your cravings, and the white piano will look fabulous on your Instagram.

4. Casper & Gambini

If you are looking to have a European dining experience in an Instagram-worthy location, you should definitely consider Casper & Gambini. This place is brightly lit, which will make your selfies and food shots look simply stunning.

In addition to that, Casper & Gambini has an interesting interior design that gives every guest a lot of privacy in a relatively small space. And with the designer furniture and decor items, this place has a fresh interior perfect for even the most popular bloggers.

5. The Backyard, Lagos

If you hear the word “Backyard” and imagine a relaxed outdoor setting, you will be right. The Backyard is one of the latest Instagram sensations among Lagosians who were hungry for an authentic and chill dining experience. It’s located in Victoria Island in a charming location.

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Don’t be fooled by the seemingly simple furniture and lack of expensive design features in The Backyard. The contemporary artwork, lots of green, and a relaxing vibe of the restaurant can be clearly seen in the many photos taken at this trendy place.

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