How To Start A Delivery/Courier Business In Nigeria

No matter what the economy looks like at any given moment, people in Nigeria will always require delivery services. Whether it’s delivering goods from online stores to the buyers, transferring parcels between businesses, or doing any other courier jobs, right now, delivery is a fantastic business opportunity. Here is how to start a courier delivery business in Nigeria!

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1. Think about the specifics

Delivery businesses can have numerous differences, from the scale to the delivery mode. Think about the specifics of your future courier business. For example, is your courier going to drive a car, ride a bike, or transport the cargo on foot? Are you only going to work with other businesses or provide your services to individuals? Your answers to these questions will largely influence the configuration of your business.

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In general, it is best to start your delivery business on a small, local scale. First, you won’t need a huge startup capital when you start small. Second, you will have less competition. Third, you will have a smaller chance of your new business failing and bringing you huge losses.

2. Investigate the market

Once you have chosen the approximate scale of your business that fits your own possibilities, it is time to find out who are the potential clients of your services. Walk around the area on foot or study it on local maps to spot anyone who may need delivery services

The most frequent clients of delivery services are online stores, grocery stores, restaurants and fast food joints, florists, pharmacists, banks, and gift shops. Contact their managers and ask whether they would be interested in affordable and high-quality delivery services.

3. Create a business plan

There is no chance for a new business to be viable without a solid business plan to support it. Your business plan should contain detailed information on every aspect of your enterprise, from the study of the competitors to the potential challenges. If you don’t think you can write a good business plan, you can hire a professional business plan writer.

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4. Get a startup capital

Courier delivery is not the most capital-intensive type of business to start in Nigeria, but it still requires you to have an initial amount of money for a smooth launch. On average, you will need about ₦300,000 if you are planning to do the deliveries by bike.

You can get away with an even smaller startup capital if you will carry the goods on foot. Your startup capital will be spent on mobile phones, a computer with internet access, as well as promotional materials for the business.

5. Choose a name and design

The name of your business is very important for its potential, and the design can have a big influence on the success of the venture. The name should be informative and tell the customers about its purpose, while the design of the logo and promotional materials should be attractive and memorable.

6. Market your business

You don’t need to be a business expert to understand that in 2019, a new business cannot survive without proper marketing. In addition to visiting the offices of your potential customers and making outgoing phone calls, you also need to make it easier for the customers to find your business. You will need to advertise your services online, including social media and classified ads. You can also hand out flyers and use visual advertisements in the streets.

7. Choose competitive prices

One of the final steps in launching a delivery business is setting the prices for your services. You want the prices to be competitive enough to give you some leverage, but not too low, as you don’t want to sustain losses. You can choose prices that are similar to the average prices in your market, but hold frequent promotions and discounts to attract more customers.

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